peeping tom

A female tenant of a building at Columbus Avenue and 69th street posted this notice in the lobby after she saw a man with his pants undone outside her window. “Stay safe and pervert free!”

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    1. UWS Dept of Comment says:

      haha it was on 69th street.


      • Craig says:

        “haha”? You have an odd sense of humor. Or your 6. Not sure which.

        • Yugo says:

          Six?! Has it gotten that bad already?

          I’m not sure that I would have gotten that when I was twelve.

          Alas, for the increasing loss of childhood innocence.

    2. Neighbor says:

      Ahh yes that guy. If he is the same guy…..He has been doing the rounds on 69th street for about a year. A friend & I spotted him on a stoop one night pleasuring himself. The police were called. After the police interrogated my friend & I as to why WE were out at 11:30 pm they finally caught up with him & informed us “He’s just off his meds.” Our follow up found that he was taken to a hospital but no charges were brought against him because he was found to be mentally ill. And now he’s back. It’s frightening that he is accessing fire escapes.

    3. Kevgeek says:

      Probably lives in the building

    4. Maria says:

      What does he look like ? Somebody opened the door to my apartment 2 days ago and looked inside . Caucasian man with a lights goat tea . I pushed the door and locked it … Scary . I live on Columbus and 72..

      • ScooterStan says:

        Re: “…with a lights goat tea.”


        THIS is the result of a generation that gets ALL its information VISUALLY/ORALLY (YouTube, Vine, the Comedy Channel, etc. etc.) rather than from READING.

        It is, of course, “LIGHT GOATEE”!!

        Now, don’t ya feel Sheepish?

        • Mark says:

          You can buy light goat tea at Fairway. I prefer mine with two lumps.

          • D.R. says:

            Don’t drink too much of those, Mark — especially with two lumps.

            I hear that it can make viagra seem like a wilted cousin.

        • E says:

          This comment is a result of a generation that has never heard of autocorrect and voice recognition software.

        • EM says:

          What is your problem? You don’t comment on the topic, you just like to be sarcastic. You must be pretty insecure. You have an unwarranted superiority complex.

      • geoff says:

        you ought to have a lock on your door.

        • geoff says:

          i withdraw my comment as i read you locked your door after the event.

        • Jane Dough says:

          You live in NYC and some man opened your door and walked in? GROW UP! I live in Little Rock AR and when I am indoors I am locked in with my ADT Security enabled. We don’t want to read about your horrid murder some day.

    5. Christina says:

      Long gone are the days of hanging out on the fire escape…. …Now you might get mugged on them.

      • Sean says:

        Why not go “Up on the roof”.

        • Christina says:

          Hahahaha Sean! Good one!… Actually Up on the Roof was during the summer where it was “Tar Beach”! 😀

      • Independent says:

        Many people used to sleep on fire escapes and roofs, as that could be the only to escape the sweltering, stifling heat that permeated their apartments. (In the old tenements, ventilation was typically close to non-existent.)

        Tragically, many fell to their deaths this way while asleep.

    6. Jennifer says:

      What apartment building was this exactly? i live in the area and HOW CREEPy!! guess i will be keeping my curtains closed!!

      • 207 says:

        I’ve seen this in 207 Columbus

      • cjBerk says:

        es you must keep your shades down. We really are in a mess on the UWS. This guy needs to be institutionalized not left to wander around with his pants doWn. The same people who give him meds Should be watching out -otherwise-why bother with meds?? And the police do nothing?? Up until this year, I loved my neighborhood-now it’s just Dirty and it smells bad and the vermin hAve 2 legs not 4. We have to speak up.

    7. Mark says:

      It’s when they STOP looking that you should be concerned.

    8. Andrew says:

      If he’s standing on a fire escape with his pants undone, doing his “business”, grab the phone and take a pic!

      How far can he run since he’s on a fire escape and how fast can he get it together since his pants are undone?

      Pixel out his junk and post the photo online and/or send to the police. Make a poster and put it up around the neighborhood.

      And, yes, tee hee, it was on 69th St. 🙂

      • D.R. says:

        Andrew — You’re assuming that a woman remains cool and composed at the specter of a stranger on the fire escape with goat tea and gaping trousers?

        You’ve forgotten, perhaps, that goats epitomize verily and energy? 

      • D.R. says:

        I apologize for my levity in the comment above. Right after I posted it, I felt that I should make up for it by searching the internet for solutions for you. Sadly, I found few. Nonetheless, here they are:
        1) Of course, there is mention of the age-old panacea — covering and securing the windows. But who wants to live that way 24/7?
        2) A second answer was to alert neighbors — an action that has already been taken by the tenant on 69th street.
        3) A third was to talk to Management about installing sensor lighting. Light deters a criminal. Also, with lights (if you’re not too frightened), you can get a view of the man and possibly take a picture.
        I would be terrified to live in a building with a fire escape. That fiend would dominate my life day and night as soon as I entered my apartment — and even after he got caught.
        Someone suggested that he may live in your building. That’s plausible: It would make it easy for him to reach your window — and seemingly ordinary-looking neighbors can be peeping toms, especially with illicit drugs transforming some of our citizens into monsters.
        I’m sorry, since I also know that some peeping toms can become increasingly dangerous.
        It’s no laughing matter, and I hope that he gets caught and permanently removed from your neighborhood *and* your mind.

      • Yugo says:

        >How far can he run since he’s on a fire >escape

        What if he is armed?

        >and how fast can he get it together since his pants are undone?

        If a guy’s whipping it out in front of strangers on a fire-escape, what makes you think he would be too ashamed to run through the streets with his pants down?

        >And, yes, tee hee, it was on 69th St.

        Ah, wouldn’t we all like to turn back the clock to the days when we thrilled in humor like that (i.e., our adolescence).

    9. Tired of the skanks says:

      There’s a ton of pervs on the UWS now. Really deteriorated area filled with mysogynists and sex freaks.too many dive bars with college kids and men that never grew up.
      The UWS had its heyday

    10. pmw says:

      The police? Now you want to call the police? After the vile disgusting ‘dead cop’ chants you call the cops? Please. They cant help you. This mentally ill man has rights. He cant be forced to take his meds. Are his activities worthy of a major police response? Where does he live? Is he in a shelter? Hes just a poor misunderstood mentally ill man who has needs. Right liberals?

    11. Bishop says:

      A reader of this site must have passed this along to the local CBS station. Channel 2 devoted an entire segment on it tonight, passing around copies of the notice to horrified neighbors, and describing the easy route the perv had to the fire escape via a “garbage-stewn” open gateway. A good indication that local news is desperate for stories if something like this is deemed worthy of such breathless coverage.

      • cjBerk says:

        Bishop–obviously you weren’t the victim here How else can we erradicate the problem–it must be aired. We’re GLAD they featured it and showed the garbage—hooray. Maybe they’ll catch the guy and mAybe the UWS can get cleaned up. One perv sicko less. And why is thAt gate open and all thAt garbage there?Sad what’s happened to this once great neighborhood.

        • Bishop says:

          Sorry, I didn’t mean to denigrate the feelings of those who have been victimized. I hope the creep is caught and am delighted when deteriorating conditions are highlighted anywhere. Was just surprised, after reading this here, to see it featured on the evening news. I’m a former (very former) reporter and involuntarily assess the relatively newsworthiness and placement of news stories. And, D.R., I suspect you are right that local news regularly reads WSR – I figured ABC would be more likely than CBS or NBC.

          • Mark says:

            Bishop – no need to apologize I saw the story on the news and agreed that it was overly dramatic and sensational. But that is standard for the news and for some (here), if you don’t respond hysterically then you are considered an unfeeling, horrible person.

          • D.R. says:

            I worked in a newsroom (network) and I know that correspondents have plenty of time to scan papers for story — which, of course, is a good use of their downtime.

            Since this crime is a local problem and many people in NYC live in buildings with fire escapes, I think it’s an important story — and not necessarily a “slow-news-day” one.

            I found that people working in network news were very fine, well-bred and well educated people. It’s a very competitive field, so you get the cream. Those I have known more closely all had a great sense of social responsibility and cared about others.

      • D.R. says:

        It could also be, Bishop, that local news reads the WSR regularly.

        • West60s says:

          i normally have a great sense of humor but I don’t understand why this story brought out any jokes. As a female living alone in the neighborhood it doesn’t seem all that funny. Just sayin’.

          • Mark says:

            You’re right. There is absolutely no place in humor for peeping Tom jokes.

            • Independent says:

              There is absolutely no place in humor for peeping Tom jokes.

              Generic jokes, where the subjects are fictional
              Making light of an actual case involving real people, such as the one that is the topic of this thread.

              Quite a difference between the two.

              “West60s” clearly was challenging the latter.

          • D.R. says:

            I think that the story had two compartments:

            The first compartment was the report itself. I believed that we were all concerned by the event and hurting for the woman — so that is not what you’ll have to forgive us for.

            The second compartment were the comments — and, forgive me — but I found the light goat tea there irresistible.

    12. Justina says:

      You sure that it is not Anthony Weiner?

    13. D.R. says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Independent. I had never heard of it.

      I recently viewed an outstanding video series on the entire history of our city. In addition to the role that capitalism played, it sensitively depicts the struggles that every group endured to build our beloved city. I think that it’s an absolute gem, so I’m including the link.

      Happy Labor Day to you — a holiday that saw its beginnings in NYC.

      • D.R. says:

        I should have placed the above comment under “5” above. Sorry.

      • Independent says:

        Does the series you mentioned cover the terrible heat wave of 1896? It was one of the worst catastrophes in NYC history. (And something to think of when the heat seems unbearable to us.)

        My recollection of hearing essentially what is found at the following URL is what I mainly had in mind when noting the deaths of sleeping tenement dwellers from the fire-escapes and roofs that they had fled-to from the heat:


        At the time, there was a citywide ban on sleeping in New York City’s public parks. Kohn says one of the simplest things the city could have done was lift the ban — giving people a place to sleep away from their squalid tenements, which might have prevented many of the deaths.

        Not even fans (electric) back then.

        Thanks for the nice reply and a happy Labor Day to you as well.

        • D.R. says:

          I will check about the heat wave for you, Independent, and get back to you possibly tomorrow.

          Meanwhile, since we’re approaching Labor Day, I thought that many might be interested in the series’ episode on labor in NYC. It’s heart-rending stuff.

          Even with limited time, at least try to view the first two minutes where Pete Hammill talks about our duty to *honor* our immigrant laborer past.

        • D.R. says:

          I scanned the video, Independent, and failed to find mention of the 1896 heatwave. The tragedy appears to have gained prominence in 2010 with the publication of a book by Edward Kohn.

          It is worth noting, on this Labor Day weekend, that most of the nearly 1500 fatalities consisted of men in their *twenties* who were literally worked to death. During their regular 6-day workweek, they were exposed to the direct sun for the entire 10-day heat spell that did not abate — not even at night.

          Also noteworthy is that the very wealthy Theodore Roosevelt — our little-known police commissioner at the time — was the hands-on man during the tragedy, and the sole one to take action by distributing ice; also by visiting families in squalid tenements that could reach temperatures of as high as 130 degrees.

          After this, for the rest of his life, Teddy would always consider himself a New Yorker.