Yogi the fire dog has been a staple at Local 74, the firehouse at 120 West 83rd street, for a decade. You may have seen him at the firehouse or on the scene of an incident. Yogi has been in the hospital lately getting tested for possible neurological problems, and the firehouse is raising money to help pay for the care. Happily, Yogi was released from the hospital on Saturday night, but doctors are planning to continue tests to determine what’s wrong. As the firefighters wrote:

“Hopefully as time goes on, he will progressively get better. Unfortunately for us, the Vet Bills are still piling up. We covers Yogi’s bills as a firehouse family, so we all cover the expenses together by pooling our funds to cover costs. Whatever you can spare to help ease the burden is truly appreciated! And please, keep the well wishes coming, Yogi and his firehouse need them!”

As of Sunday morning, the campaign had raised about $3,000 of the $10,000 they are seeking to raise. If you’d like to help out, go to this page to donate.


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    1. michelle says:

      I am sorry to hear about Yogi. One thing you might consider changing is his diet. I have heard only great things about VDog dog food. It might sound nuts but food can make a huge difference in wellness. Just a thought. Feel better Yogi!


    2. Nelson says:

      This is my local FDNY station and they are great guys and a terrific part of our local community. Yogi is a great dog and they all do a wonderful job.

    3. jezbel says:

      I don’t know if Yogi is a purebred Dalmatian or not. They are known to have all kinds of stange issues. Deafness is just one of the problems by dogs of that breed. But I think there are also motor-skill issues and probably neurological. They should check with a vet who specializes in Dalmatians.

    4. geoff says:

      oy vey!

      the firehouse guys get together and decide to buy a dog.

      the way i see it, one firefighter makes enough to own and maintain a dog. here, we have a whole bunch of fire fighters with a pretty large, collective income.

      why do they want public assistance?

      from the NYC Fire Department website:

      “The best job in the world has the best benefits in the world.
      As a New York City Firefighter, you will receive an incredible benefits package and a competitive salary that more than doubles in your first five years on the job.

      year 1: 43,074
      year 2: 49,470
      year 3: 53,881
      year 4: 59,629
      year 5: 65,331
      year 6: 99,104

      • Lifelong medical coverage for you and your family;
      • Growth opportunities;
      • Flexible work schedules;
      • Up to four weeks paid vacation per year;
      • Generous pension.

      • Sam says:

        Yo fuck face. It has nothing to do with money. It’s out of ones love for dogs.

      • Alex says:

        You just sound as a heartless and mean person. Thank God others have a heart and are helping Yogi. Hope you and your family never need help from others…

      • ST says:

        You, my friend, need to go back to bed and wake up in a better mood….cause right now you are just embarrassing yourself.

      • Richard says:

        I’m totally with Yogi getting better – dog lover myself. I donate to ASPCA every year. But I do believe Geoff has a valid point. If these facts are true…

        year 5: $65,331
        year 6: $99,104
        • Lifelong medical coverage for you and your family
        • Up to four weeks paid vacation per year
        • Generous pension

        …(and I doubt those number could possibly be correct), but IF somehow true then heck, these guys can EASILY pay for this themselves. Sorry, but they really could.)

        • geoff says:

          yes richard, the figures are correct. look for yourself:


          “fuck face”, “heartless and mean”, “Hope you and your family never need help”, “embarrassing”, “mean and heartless”, “horrible horrible excuse for a human”, “flames… the ones in hell “, “spit in (your cup)..YOU FOOL”.

          oy veh! hit and run drivers are treated better than this!

          and all i asked was: “why do they want public assistance?”

          any ideas?

          • Craig says:

            Went to donate and the site said “Donations are Complete”. I guess that is a good sign. Note to self: If Geoff gets sick, don’t donate.

    5. George says:

      The way “i see it” oh vey..you are mean and heartless …. you are a horrible horrible excuse for a human…i think it would be poetic justice if YOGI bites your butt….and ohvey if you continue “as you see it” flames could be in.your future … the ones in hell !!!!!!!!

      YOGI woof woof get well soon…and…. GOD BLESS OUR FIRE DEPARTMENT AND KEEP THEM SAFE

      ohvey .i cannot wait for the day you are begging with a paper cup so i could spit in it..YOU FOOL!!!

      • sass says:

        boy oh boy
        what happened to conversation and dialogue
        are we all becoming fox news?
        truly a sad commentary on civility and intelligence.

        • Steph says:

          i know, it’s terrible! people are so quick to attack people in forums like these. a shame. in any case, i’m glad Yogi got the funds he needs.

    6. upperswestsideguy says:

      Would like to hear follow ups on Yogi

    7. Mariah & Rio & Lilah says:

      Our cousin, Alphonse the cat, told us about Yogi.
      We wish you well, Yogi. Stay positive!
      Love from Los Angeles,
      Mariah, Rio, Lilah, Tucker & Cupcake

    8. UWSsurfer says:

      update on yogi:

      i stopped by the firehouse yesterday to inquire about yogi.

      yogi has completed tests at animal medical
      center on the eastside.

      yogi is resting off-site from the firehouse
      at a home.

      continued prayers and donations are welcome.

      and as a note from me, please stop squabbling in this comments section!

      yogi is seriously ill and is loved by many people. let’s focus on yogi’s recovery.

      • West Sider says:

        Thanks very much for this update. WSR

      • UWSsurfer says:

        that was my assumption that donations
        are still welcome. the money they were seeking
        was for the tests.

        now, they are waiting to find out what
        is ailing yogi and how to pay for treatment.

        please stop thinking that a fireman’s job is a cushy one.

        they risk their life every day from fighting fires and the toxins associated w/ fire.

        they are apart from their families A LOT.

        you have no idea what financial stress faces
        each fireman’s family; paying off student loans, insurance, mortgages/rent education for children, medical co-payments, caring for elderly parents.

        if you saw the look in the 2 firefighter’s eyes when we spoke of yogi, you would know
        that they are doing the best they can for
        their mascot and friend.