sabas pizza

Pizza By La Grolla on Amsterdam between 79th and 80th street may have closed its doors a few months ago, but already a new pizza outfit it getting ready to move in.

Net gain/loss of pizza: 0.

The new shop, Saba’s Pizza, has another outlet on the Upper East Side. The menu includes pizza, sandwiches, salads, falafel, pasta and borekas. The food is Kosher, according to the site.

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    1. Mike says:

      But will there be Salad Pizza?!?! 😛

    2. screamingparrot says:

      Well, it won’t taste the same. Different chef. All pizza is NOT created equal.

      • Craig says:

        Wait, screamingparrot? You are saying that a different pizza owner with different recipes and ingredients will make pizza that won’t taste the same as the previous store’s pizza? How can you be so sure? 😉

    3. Steve Goldberg says:

      Where are you Dan? Is Pizza By La Grolla 2.0 going to be opening somewhere else? My family misses you!

    4. Gershon says:

      Ny the time it closes la grolla had lost its touch.

    5. Eli says:

      Saba’s on the UES is really good. Sometimes kosher pizza can be sub par but this one outshines most regular pizza places.

    6. Anna says:

      I went out of my way for La Grolla Pizza, it was the best, even the slice I ate on the Sunday before they closed!

    7. Tom tom says:

      Meh…maybe one day we will get a decent pie hole up here.

    8. blogenfreude says:

      Does anyone know of a decent thin crust pizza that delivers to the 70s? My kingdom for a decent crust.

      • UWS Dad says:

        Does Bettola (on Amsterdam between 79 and 80) deliver to the 70s? That’s the best thin crust around.

      • Tom tom says:

        If you mean a classic new york slice then no I haven’t found one yet.

        If you mean classic brick oven style then Patsy’s is the closest that delivers to me on 76th. It’s not great but 8 do like ordering a pie with basil, ricotta, and sausage there

    9. Brittany says:

      Saba’s Pizza is the BEST! Looking forward to the opening on the UWS 🙂

    10. Henry says:

      Saba’s Pizza is okay, but Pizza By La Grolla was unique in their offerings and will be missed.