Yoga to the People’s new home. Soon this room will be filled with sweat and inspiration.

There’s more news on several Upper West Side openings and closings we’ve been writing about for the last few weeks. Without further ado we will give you what you want: more more more!

Yoga to the People will be opening its new studio on the second floor of the old Automat building at 104th street and Broadway on February 28, with a grand opening class at 10 a.m. The studio has a pay-as-you-wish policy, although they generally suggest paying $10. There’s also a special Power Yoga Master Class on April 22 that you can sign up for here. Photo above of the studio via YTTP Facebook page. Thanks to Gretchen for the tip.

We reported last week (bottom of story) that a new gym called Bod Fitness was opening at 55 Amsterdam Avenue at 62nd street, the new luxury rental building known as Hawthorn Park. DNAinfo talked to an employee who said the gym will offer classes for kids as young as five years old, and Crossfit-style strength training for adults. “Bod Fitness will offer classes and one-on-one training for its all-ages clientele, who can either pay a $40 drop-in rate for classes or a monthly membership of $329 for unlimited classes.” There will also be character-building activities for kids. If they get final approvals, it should open by late spring or summer, possibly with an adjacent cafe.

thrift2Valley Restoration Development, the thrift store on Amsterdam Avenue between 106th and 107th, is closing up shop, as we first reported three weeks ago. New York Press had more on the closure. The store, which opened in 1998 and is connected to a nonprofit that has operated in Manhattan Valley since 1979, will close for good on March 27. In the end, it simply couldn’t cover the rent and overhead, said administrator Myrta Maldonado.

“With only a month left in operation, the clothing racks and shelves are still lined with neatly folded and hung shirts, pants, and jackets. Book cases are mostly bare, but a few gems can still to be found, including a 1952 first edition copy of John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden.” A sign advertising half price merchandise hangs in the window. All leftover items will be donated to Goodwill stores.”

Spot Daycare, the doggie daycare business on Columbus and 82nd that closed quite suddenly a few weeks ago without notifying customers, has been giving people their money back, readers tell us. That’s nice to hear, though would have been much nicer for them to give a little advance notice! The space is on the market for $15,000 a month.

Capital One has opened its doors on the corner of 94th street and Broadway, with a lovely view of the TD Bank across the street.

capital one3

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    1. What kind of “character building” will children get from folks who run a $329/month gym?

    2. Carol Feldman says:

      Oh Boy! Another bank!!!

    3. webot says:

      great build out “yoga for the people”

      and great name too!

      good luck!

    4. Becky says:

      There is a new Chirping Chicken coming to 950 Columbus Ave. If you go to Chirping Chicken website, there is a pop-up announcing the new location (not yet open).

    5. Kate says:

      Oh good, a new bank. We were running out of those. That’s a relief.

    6. tom says:

      I dont have a Capital 1 acct, but if I ever decided to I would have a big decision to make….. Do I open the account at 87th st or 94 th st

    7. Lisa says:

      Um…$40 for a “CrossFit STYLE” class? How about dropping in to a real CrossFit box for a real CrossFit workout with real CrossFit trainers for half the price!? Or let’s all go support Yoga to the People! Seriously? Guess their $$$$ paying for a lot of style ’cause saying “CrossFit STYLE” is code for trying to capitalize on the CrossFit name without being properly trained and certified.

      • Sheesh says:

        Lisa, why do you assume they are not CrossFit certified? Actually they are, and affiliated too! Unfortunately the outrageous commercial rents on the UWS make it very difficult to run a small business here, and the exorbitant monthly rates are necessary just to cover overhead. Sad but true.

    8. Uws newbie says:

      This site is read by very sad and angry people. Sad, angry and broke too…stuck in the past.

      Kind of sad really…now I get it.

    9. Judy Harris says:

      What happened to Mork the Cat who ruled the roost at Spot? I hope he hasn’t been abandoned.

    10. nina says:

      Any one know what’s going where ny artistic kitchen used to be on Columbus b/w 86th and 87th? I walked by there and there was activity inside.

    11. Kristin says:

      The old soldier McGee’s on 83rd and Amsterdam is already being turned over to a new place called Joe’s NYC. The sign is up and they’re already stocking the bar. Any news on that?

    12. Eliza says:

      My experience with Capital One has been horrendous. Stay away.

      • pgg says:

        So if you had horrible problems with a Toyota, should no one ever buy a Toyota? If you had a fight with a sales person at a department store, should no one ever go to that department store? Think about your comment.