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647 Columbus Avenue, the site of two of the recent muggings.

A series of muggings by teenagers in the west 90’s has led police to increase their patrols of the area. The Trevor Day School on 88th and Central Park West recently sent out an email warning students to be careful walking around the area as some students have been mugged, according to ABC News. Among other precautions, they’re advising students to keep their cell phones out of view until they’re in a safe spot.

The muggers are apparently teenagers around 10 to 15 years old. In some incidents, the students were punched or shoved.

Captain Marlon Larin tells us that one person has been arrested in the muggings, which occurred in the following spots on the following dates:

  • 12/23/14 5:45pm 647 Columbus Avenue
  • 1/27/15 2:25pm 647 Columbus Avenue
  • 2/4/15 7:15am W93St./Amsterdam to Columbus Avenues
  • 2/6/15 3:30pm 201W93St.
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    1. webot says:

      sorry, but if anyone in anyway defends this or twists the story around to some nonsense about privilege or poopoos it as life in the big city , I will scream.

      And King Lefty Liberalstein if you have a problem with the reporting of these crimes, take it up with Avi or go somewhere else.
      thank you.

      • Diego says:

        its not about privilege or life in the big city. everyone does dumb crap when they’re 12, but evidently you never made it past name-calling.

        • webot says:

          apparently you are new here Diego.

          Of course its not.

          See prior recent events comments.

          Also, I sure did some dumb things when I was young, but mugging another kid was not one of them.

        • UWSgal says:

          Oh my goodness, really?! We are now equating 12 year-old (6th grade!) nonsense to muggings??!! When I was 12 our shenanigans were pretty much limited to prank calls. This is just ridiculous. But why so these children think this is a-ok?! But why am I surprised? 3-3:45 pm is the worst time to be out on the UWS. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a bunch of kids pummeling each other at 3:15 pm on the UWS while a school “safety official” looked on. I guess it’s trite to ask where the hell are the parents, and why the hell won’t any law enforcement official step in? It’s Lord of the Flies out there after school.

          • 93Rd St. says:

            Seriously, UWSgal? “Shenanigans”? Doesn’t matter if your 10, 12, or 50. If someone comes up to you, threatens or hits you and takes your stuff away from you… that’s a mugging. That’s a crime.

            And yes, kids do rule the sidewalks between 3:00-5 as they get out of the schools (PUBLIC as well as Private.)

            Kids learn from their parents. Mine go to school in the neighborhood – we tell them to always keep their phones put away and keep their bags closed, to dissuade anyone from stealing.

            Yes, “kids will be kids.” And they SHOULD be! But they shouldn’t just get a slap on the wrist when committing a crime.

      • Independent says:


        I concur with the sentiments expressed in your first paragraph (and in any number of other posts of yours, in this thread and others). My appreciation of them is, however, tempered by my knowledge of your support (revealed in a recent post) of a concocted “right” to commit feticide.

        As far your second paragraph, I share your frustration with the posting behavior of the individual you are obviously referring-to. But the crude, childish and gratuitously patronizing and hostile nature of your comment only serves to weaken your credibility while bolstering that of your opponent.

        • Sami Beth says:


          Need some ice for that SICK BURN

          • webot says:

            Sami you sound like you belong in the school yard too.

            Feticide? I confess I had to look it up. Yes, I admit to being proudly pro choice and giving a woman the right to choose.

            • Independent says:

              You have now demonstrated beyond a doubt that on certain issues at least, you are every bit as doctrinaire and reflexive, if not more so, as any of the people you call-out for the same (for different views).

    2. Paul RL says:

      Oh my gosh, now the Trevor School and Captain Larin themselves are dreaming up these crimes and leading their own agenda-driven racist hysteria!

    3. Zeus says:

      OK children, here’s today’s lesson:

      When leaving the school dress down.
      Do not carry a phone or money.
      Don’t walk alone.
      Remember that life is tough and the streets are dangerous to your health.

      And in case you are tired of this, learn how to fight, karate will do just fine, and boxing is good as well.
      And fight back with the intention of winning the fight.

    4. Cato says:

      Yaay! It’s the Eighties, all over again!

      But, seriously: Advising “students to keep their cell phones out of view until they’re in a safe spot”? How can we ask children to do that when grown-ups seem unable to put the danged things away for even a moment?

      • Independent says:

        I came of age when the cell phone was still a curious luxury that the wealthy had in their cars. I still find it surreal to see kids with cell phones.

        If I had the power to turn back the clock…

    5. Dave says:

      We need to tear down the projects and get rid of the homeless shelters in the 90s. It’s sad to see what’s happening to that neighborhood.

      I hope they throw the book at these criminals. One strike and you’re out. Send a message.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I live on West 93rd near Columbus.I agree that crime seems to be getting worse. But tearing down the projects will never happen. Can you imagine the outcry? And where would those displaced people go? It’ll never happen. We need more policing. And parents that are involved in their kids lives and that give a damn.

    6. Independent says:

      Is there no more information about any of the youths who committed the muggings? Where the little thugs live? What schools (if any) the little dears attend?

      “The muggers are apparently teenagers around 10 to 15 years old.”

      Has anyone else noticed what is obviously wrong with that statement?

      (The 10-12 year-olds are not, by definition, “teenagers”, a term that only describes those who are between the ages of thirteen and nineteen (hence, teenagers.)

      “Among other precautions, they’re advising students to keep their cell phones out of view until they’re in a safe spot.”

      I’ve got an even better idea: How about not sending kids to school with cell phones in the first place? Or at least not expensive, flashy phones that are a magnet for thieves. (A used, older-model phone that is more than adequate for talking and texting can be had for no more than $20.00 or so on ebay.)

    7. jett says:

      amazing how the crime rate was gone up and thugs have gotten more brazen since stop and frisk stopped
      there are articles every week regarding an other crime in the neighborhood

      • UWS Guy says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more. These kids or should I say thugs more than likely don’t have proper role models at home. Stop and Frisk should be brought back. Our socialist Mayor is intent on limiting the police to do their job and protect the public at large. Also at the same time to get his queues from “Rev” Al. I’m sure Bruce would now say this is “Racist” because I said these animals probably don’t have proper role models at home.

        • Mark says:

          The racism on this website is out of control. It does NOT in any way represent the opinion of the Upper West Side and I won’t let people like you attempt to paint this neighborhood that way. That attitude encourages violence against others way more than melanin or living in public housing. Behave yourself.

          • UWS Guy says:

            Excuse me, how is this racist? If anyone is racist, it would be the people who are trying to read between the lines. The facts are:
            The Mayor and the “Rev” are tied at the hip.
            The “Rev” has a long history of “race baiting”. These Thugs in Training probably don’t have proper role models. If they did, I would bet they would be held accountable for their behavior. So, where is the racism? Never once, did I mention race or color. I too am an UWS and proud of the diversity that we have here. I am also disgusted by crime and the tolerance by the ultra left when it is given a pass and people blame it on the perps situation. Even for the petty stuff.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            Mark, you’re right. It’s almost constant… every time we have a crime incident we get these sorts of comments. “Tear down public housing.” “Close the homeless shelters.” and even more blunt.

            What the heck does this have to do with homeless shelters? the shelter on W 95th is for adults (many of them disabled, elderly, sick); there are no families, children, or teenagers in it.

            “animals” is a racial epithet, as every long time NYer knows. and it’s not a subtle one.

            i think we have to keep raising our voices every time this sort of sentiment is expressed. Mark is right in that it gives a very negative (and inaccurate) impression of the UWS. and he’s also right in that it encourages violence.

            • Independent says:

              ““animals” is a racial epithet, as every long time NYer knows”

              Oh? Really?

              Do we even know the race of the perpetrators in these incidents? I didn’t find any mention of it. Or anything else about them, really, beyond their ages.

              But you somehow know that the perpetrators were all black, do you? Perhaps you could tell us where you obtained such information.

              Now, for the sake of argument, let us assume for the moment that all of the perpetrators in all of the crimes cited in this discussion were, in fact, racially identified as being Black (or “African American”, if that makes you happier).

              Imagine that the exact same crimes would have occurred, every detail the same as it is now but with one key difference: the perpetrators, instead of being black, would have been white. Are you suggesting that, were that the case, that the same people who now call the perpetrators “animals” and “thugs” would not have done so had such individuals been white?

              That is the clear, unambiguous implication of the accusations of “racism” that you made. Please elaborate and provide evidence for your implications and accusations. Without it, you are simply pointing fingers and calling names.

            • Independent says:

              Encourages violence?

              I saw comments encouraging legitimate self-defense. You equate that with aggressive and unprovoked violence?

          • Independent says:

            “The racism on this website is out of control.”

            If anything, I’d say it’s the accusations of “racism” (and the self-righteous preening that accompany them) that are “out of control” here.

      • UWS-er says:

        Jett, HAS crime gone up? Any evidence of that? There was crime during the last mayor too….

        • Mike says:

          Crime has not gone up, it has actually continued to go down since the Mayor of 9/11 left office. The facts are that Rudy Giuliani had nothing to do with crime reduction. It happened — and continues to happen — on a national scale. The decrease in crime has more to do with the introduction of unleaded gasoline than it does with the get off my lawn types who love to blame everyone who Newscorp tells them to blame.

    8. Mike says:

      If a 12 year old attempts to steal my phone is it permissible for me to throw them into traffic?

      • Sam says:

        Old enough to commit the crime, old enough to do the time 🙂

      • Tom D says:

        Only if you want to be arrested for child abuse or similar crime.

      • Independent says:

        “If a 12 year old attempts to steal my phone is it permissible for me to throw them into traffic?”

        Do you mean in a case where doing so would seem to one to be the only means at one’s disposal to defend oneself against what appeared to a real threat of serious bodily harm? In such a case, what civilized society could condemn one for what would appear to be reasonable self-defense?

        If you mean merely to protect one’s property, then I would have to ask converse: What civilized society could condone such a response so disproportionate to the provocation?

    9. StevenCinNYC says:

      What about the attack in Central Park near 86th and the mugging/robbery of the kids with the sleds? Are these the same criminals, but somehow a different precinct so not included in this list?

    10. Jon Jones says:

      Increased police patrols along Riverside Drive would be good idea. I have lived in the W.90’s near the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial for sometime and it has felt increasingly unsafe. Rarely do I see NYPD cruising the area…especially at night. Its a no brainer. It is an isolated area and many children play there- which will only increase when the weather gets warmer. There has been an increase in vagrancy and a surge in property defacement (i.e.,graffiti). I am afraid the area is taking a turn for the worse. Parents should remind their children to stay vigilant and encourage their local precincts to heighten security. If the NYPD doesn’t step up to the challenge it is the UWS community that should respond with community watch groups that patrol Riverside Drive and the park paths. Just a thought from a concerned citizen.

    11. Bruce Bernstein says:

      obviously this is important for the 24th Precinct to address. and just as obviously, they are doing so, including (very important) getting accurate information out there.

      what i say on this issue gets so distorted by a certain group of commenters. My main beef is that a certain group attempts to use every incident to further a political agenda.

      • Independent says:

        “My main beef is that a certain group attempts to use every incident to further a political agenda.”

        And you don’t? You have no political agenda that you try to advance in your comments?


    12. Bruce Bernstein says:

      it’s HELPFUL to people in the community that when there is a certain trend, it gets reported… because people then know when and what to watch (i.e. children, watch your cell phones around 93rd street…)

      it’s unfortunate that these helpful preventive reports from the NYPD then lead to all sorts of exaggeration and political ax-grinding.

    13. Denon says:

      Kid on kid violence? What happened to when the victim would fight back? A kick to the shins, a punch to the jaw would go a long ways. Then again, when I was in high school I was quite adept at martial arts and subscribed to the rule, ‘in every fight, let your’s be the second, never the first punch. But make sure that second punch is strong and hard’. Life is tough, be tougher.

      Let’s get good descriptions of these kids and talk some sense into them. Their parents do care I bet. Jail is a scary place and no one wants to see anyone end up there. They are young and there is still time.

      • Cato says:

        “What happened to when the victim would fight back?”

        The 12-year-old aggressors didn’t carry handguns in those days.

    14. Ryan says:

      Dave’s comment is correct.

      Assault/theft should be made an example at first catch for both sides’ sake.

      I am 40, born raised UWS. For every reported assault there are many more that are not. This means that there are entire populations of kids now under threat when they leave school. Even if this is just perceived it means the white school kids see black kids as threats while growing up…and that is not OK to either set of kids. Toss every bad apple immediately and it stops pretty darn quick.

    15. MG says:

      I see these little punks in the neighborhood all the time … Still waiting for one of them to test me : )

      But in all seriousness, people just need to be more alert, and they should slightly increase police presence since their is clearly an issue … This isn’t good ol Pleasantville we will in … It’s New York City

    16. Elaine says:

      Two unrelated but similar “young posse” incidents on W 85th within the past 2 weeks:
      1. A large group of young boys & girls were walking down the block late in the afternoon, very noisy and they started jumping on hoods of cars, causing a lot of damage to the unfortunate vehicles; they seemed to delight in the damage and more started doing the same. Someone called the police, at which point they all scattered quickly – I’d hate to have owned one of the cars.

      2. Last Friday I went to catch a cab on Amsterdam around noon, and came across another young posse of boys & girls. They had decided that tossing large chunks of ice at taxis was great fun, in spite of who could get hurt. They damaged quite a few and delighted in causing the damage, including the cab that I caught (they tore off the driver side mirror). I felt bad for the driver.

      I haven’t seen this type of bad behavior in quite a while, and I do find it unsettling. How will they ever gain respect when they don’t seem to respect anyone else?

      • Alessa says:

        Ok, I hate crime and nabe threats as much as the next person, but what does this particular situation have to do with Stop and Frisk (which I generally support)? These are kids grabbing phones and in some cases “shoving.” No injuries reported. There is nothing about weapons which is probably why they are shoving and not robbing at gunpoint. I am not excusing this terrible behavior, although I do feel some pity for a 10 year old who is on this path, just as much as I do for the 10 year old at Columbia Grammar who has his iPhone stolen as long as he’s not hurt. Perhaps more. This I see as a failure of parenting. It is really sad that these kids are set on a path that will likely start a criminal record and make moving up in life nearly impossible, and the cycle continues. I would not excuse the behavior and have my gripes with the projects, but the other part to this story is that these are children who need help themselves.

      • Mike says:

        Pictures or it didn’t happen.

    17. patricia Gilman says:

      Great news