We’re trying a new feature out today, called Throwback Thursday. It’s named after a feature on Facebook in which people post old photos of themselves. But on West Side Rag we’re hoping that Upper West Siders will send in their old pictures of the neighborhood — these can be family photos or scenic shots from the neighborhood. We’ll explain more below on how you can get involved.

And by “the past” we mean virtually any time before about 2008.

First, let’s look at our first Throwback Thursday photo. It’s from Jean Kweskin, who grew up in the neighborhood 60 years ago. Here’s the photo:

throwback jean kweskin

From Jean: “This is me and my brother Joel,  probably 1957/8. On the southwest side of 88th & Broadway. There was a pharmacy on the corner with a sit-down counter. Where we are standing was a larger pharmacy called Palmer Theresa Rexall.”

Do any of you remember those days, or that pharmacy? Let us know in the comments.

To participate in Throwback Thursday, please send us a photo, preferably by email to The subject line of the email should be “Throwback Thursday.” In the email include the photo and a brief description of who is in it and where it’s taken and when.

The best way to send an older photo, if you don’t have your images scanned, is to scan them into your computer or take a photo of the photo with a phone or digital camera. We’re not looking for perfect clarity, just a good sense of the image and some information. If this isn’t an option email us and we’ll figure out how to get a digital version of the image.

The photo can be a traditional family snapshot, but it should include something from the neighborhood — that could mean it’s in front of a building, on the street, in the parks, outside a museum, whatever.

In short, we think this could be a really cool way to show changes and memories of the neighborhood, and engage people who have lived here in various eras. We’ll try this out, and if we do get some photos, we’ll make it a recurring feature.

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    1. Paul G. says:

      Yes, make this a regular feature….I’ll dig around to see if I have any old pics.

    2. Lisa says:

      What a fun idea! I love it!

    3. Jean says:

      love it. Glad I suggested the title! It’s a keeper!

    4. Clem says:

      Love this idea!! Keep’ em coming 🙂

    5. Judy says:

      Great, great, great idea! I can’t wait to see more. If people have memories and photos about PS 166, MS 54, and favorite stores now gone on Broadway, would love to see.

      • manhattan mark says:

        Judy, I have memories of PS 165 and JHS 54 as well as PS 54,unfortunately I only have graduation class pictures.

    6. Frank says:

      Palmer was long after he discontinued the rexall chain. Prices out in the late eighties during the initial gentrification of the UWS.

      • Elbo says:

        Palmer lasted well into the 90’s actually. I used to enjoy bringing my dog in there. The proprietors kept a nice stock of dog biscuits on hand and it was a favorite stop on a walk.

    7. Joe Peritz says:

      I was also a kid in the neighborhood in that year – probably about the same age as the boy in the photo. I walked down Broadway from 93rd on that same side of the street when I was sent to Murray’s on Sunday mornings to get the traditional Sunday breakfast of smoked fish for the family. I clutched two $5 bills in my hand the whole way (that’s all it cost back then.) Thanks for bringing that memory back.

    8. webot says:

      Can someone post a photo of Ellman’s Tea Room – 92nd and broadway, next to the New Yorker Theater.

      Thank you if you have it.

    9. MM says:

      I really like these old photos.
      Does anyone remember the cheap but delicious fish/lobster restaurant in the old Benjamin Franklin hotel renamed NYLO hotel West 77th & Broadway?

    10. Steven says:

      I miss Chun Cha Foo where Carmine’s now is. My mom taught at 166 and brought her class there a few times. Would love some old pics.

    11. Chris says:

      I used to work at Palmers Pharmacy in the mid 90’s…anybody know what happened to the workers there…There was a full time pharmacist named Frank. Any info would be much appreciated.