jin ramen
The interior of Jin Ramen at 462 Amsterdam Avenue.

We’ve got lots of Upper West Side openings and closings to report, from restaurants and cafes to jewelry stores and more. Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.


Jin Ramen, a ramen noodle restaurant with a branch in West Harlem, apparently opened on Tuesday at 462 Amsterdam Avenue, between 82nd and 83rd streets. The ramen there comes highly recommended and should warm many a belly in the cold nights ahead. Hand-pulled noodles and tasty soup have earned the Harlem spot good reviews. Thanks to Sue and Mike.

arte around the corner

Arte Around the Corner, a cafe on Columbus Avenue between 72nd and 73rd streets, closed its doors a couple of weeks ago after 10 years in business. I always enjoyed the coffee and the movies they played. Arte Cafe on 73rd, owned by the same people, may start serving breakfast, an employee there told us. Thanks to Aimee, Sarah, Geoff and others for the tip. Click below to see the note they left on the door.

arte note

sushi shop

The sushi restaurant on Broadway between 77th and 78th streets that we wrote about two weeks ago looks like it’s about to open too. It is called Sushi Shop, and has a midtown location. From the menu, it looks like the prices are pretty standard for New York sushi. Thanks to Allison for the tip.

The Ribbon, a new American restaurant from the brothers behind the Blue Ribbon restaurants, will open in the former home of Sambuca on 72nd street off of Central Park West, Eater reports. “The 200 seat space, due to open late February, will have an elegant industrial design, a bar top converted from a Brooklyn factory floor and a broad menu featuring a rotisserie and raw bar. There will also be a private dining room that seats 12.”


There’s a new Dunkin’ Donuts on Amsterdam between 103rd and 104th street, just a couple blocks away from another one on 106th. Thanks to Cameron for the tip.

Citrus, the Latin-Asian fusion restaurant at 75th street and Amsterdam Avenue, has closed its doors for good after 17 years. We wrote about the closing in this post. It will be replaced sometime in 2015 by a Mexican restaurant run by 5 Napkin Burger owner Simon Oren. Thanks to Warren for the tip.

Thai Season, on Amsterdam between 89th and 90th, has changed its name to Saigon Cafe. The new owner is apparently related to the old one, and said at a recent liquor license hearing that he didn’t intend to change the menu, which features several kinds of Asian food.

canine rehab

Canine Rehab of New York is opening at 700 Columbus Avenue, with the entrance on 95th street next to Kumon. It replaced a pet supply store. Thanks to Rebecca for the tip and photo.


Trollbeads, a jewelry store, has opened a new store at 226 Columbus Avenue, between 70th and 71st streets. Thanks to Kara for the tip and photo.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips and photos. Let us know if we forgot to give you credit. And keep sending in tips!

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    1. Michelle says:

      LeSportsac on Columbus b/w 71 & 72 closed its doors Saturday 12/27.

    2. Helen says:

      FYI: Sushi Shop is a French chain.

    3. Jeff says:

      Jin Ramen is a major score for the UWS. Its Harlem location is outstanding and almost always has lines.

    4. webot says:

      Jin Ramin looks great in the pics.

      Best of luck to all the new businesses in 2015.

      even the chain store ones. 🙂

    5. Sara says:

      Lincoln Square Steak (70th between Amsterdam & WEA) will be opening on January 14th. The old food emporium space is on its way to becoming a Lowe’s home improvement store.

    6. geoff says:

      vacant store at 74/columbus: sudden flurry of action. worker says they’re building a ‘soup place’. ‘did you say soup or soap?’ i asked. ‘soup’ (or maybe he said soap) he replied.

      hoping it becomes a soup place called ‘the soup republican’.

    7. Deri says:

      What about Sugarcane, 2596 Broadway? Menu looks just like the late Saigon Grill’s. And a couple blocks south, a storefront says that Paris Baguette and/or Paris Restaurant is coming in. (They have a couple outposts in Chinatown.)

      Looking forward to Jin Ramen.

    8. Jose Habib says:

      Ugh, not another Dunkin Donuts.

    9. Kate says:

      RIP, Citrus. :'(

      • ScooterStan says:

        Re: “RIP, Citrus. :’( ”

        WHAT? Couldn’t hear you, just as could never hear anything at that horrible noise-box populated by self-absorbed inebriated 20-somethings screaming at each other over the raucous “music”!

        Glad to see ya go, Citrus. Hope the new place is quieter!


        • UWS-er says:

          This post makes you sound 112.

          • ScooterStan says:

            Nope, you are off by about 40 years.

            But one doesn’t have to be a modern Methusaleh (look it up) to RESENT the fact that an evening out at a relatively pricey restaurant can be RUINED by hordes of selfish me-first young “adults” still acting like the indulged children their equally clueless parents encouraged them to be.

            When one cannot hear normal conversation at one’s own table thanks to the steadily more inebriated crowd at an adjacent table then something is terribly wrong!

            But, then again, the restaurant makes more off their $15-a-pop Appletinis than it makes off a well-done steak, so it is not about to risk asking them to tone it down and thus being forever trashed on Twitter or some other flavor du jour of “social” media.

    10. Deri says:

      Just stopped by Jin — they aren’t open yet, but will be on Friday.

    11. sk says:

      Sushi Shop is amazing!!! They have a ton of restaurants in Paris, and a place in midtown – this is exciting, thanks for the tip!

    12. Julie says:

      Just tried to go to Jin but they said they are officially open Friday.

    13. Cato says:

      Is the Simon Oren who owns 5 Napkin Burger, and is opening a Mexican restaurant where Citrus was, the same Oren who owns Oren’s Daily Roast?

      • ELJ says:

        No, Oren’s Daily Roast was started by Oren Bloostein.

      • WombatNYC says:

        As a side note: Oren Bloostein’s brother is the guy who created and owns Heartland Brewery.
        Both this guys have done very well. local businesses that have blossomed into great success stories.

    14. Sully says:

      You missed Harry’s burritos.

    15. ws says:

      Arte Cafe will be replaced by Birdbath Bakery

    16. Tara d says:

      juat hea d that BBQ on 72nd served its last meal last night. Can’t say that I will miss the place.

    17. Sean says:

      Just Salad opened today on Broadway between 70th and 71st…
      Not a bad place for a quick healthy lunch.

    18. Ted says:

      Sushi Shoppe is one of the most exciting openings in the UWS in a long time. This is a European chain and my wife and I have eaten countless times at their two branches in Brussels. They tried about a year ago on Madison Ave. and didn’t make it. I think their portions on Madison were much skimpier than Brussels. If they make the right adjustments, they should be a big hit on the West Side.

    19. Bill says:

      Saigon Cafe on Amsterdam and 89th no longer has Thai food on the menu. Except for sushi, it’s all Vietnamese food. I hope it’s good.