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Many of us are in need of some focused attention, de-stressing, un-DO-ing, re-balancing, invigorating. One of the (still lesser known) approaches that can offer some reprieve to our current stress-filled lives is reflexology. Reflexology uses very specific pressure-point work on the feet/ hands/ ears, and nowadays even sometimes the face. Reflexology techniques aim to undo patterns of accumulated stress, helping to get us out of the grooves of less-than-optimal functioning (for example the fight or flight response) that our bodies adapt to after a traumatic experiences (for example an acute injury, a surgery or the death of a loved one), or when under extended periods of duress. Sound familiar?

Petra van Noort (a Netherlands native, now grateful Upper Westsider) practices reflexology, but also offers other holistic approaches: therapeutic yoga, female pelvic yoga, maternity reflexology, somatic (of the body) exercises and working with flower/ gem/ environmental essences.

Why ‘holistic’? She uses her methods to look at the bigger picture and address the entire system (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually), to help the system relax and move toward a place of balance so the whole person can function more optimally.
Her approach flows out of the work she has done as a modern dancer (her career spanning an impressive 20+ years), her study and practice of yoga and meditation (also 20 years), and the learning experiences of her own continued journey to wholeness, leading to the discovery of some of these additional practices…

Petra van Noort practices reflexology, and also offers more holistic approaches.  A truly holistic approach however also looks towards the big-picture. Symptom relief, though it can in times of need be extremely valuable, is often only a temporary fix if the underlying causes of the symptoms are not addressed. She says:

We tend to think of having a bodywork session when symptoms arise. Yet symptoms are often the result of endured, prolonged stress or trauma.

Bodywork is a wonderfully non-invasive approach. It is often pleasant, affordable in relationship to other methods of addressing our issues and can sometimes even give much-needed relief to our symptoms.

However, these moments of relief can be temporary if the underlying causes of the symptoms are not addressed.
In my sessions I help you to increase awareness around the body’s messages. We explore underlying causes of presenting symptoms, which are often connected to blocks on any of our levels of experience: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. As our awareness grows we can then expand our options, making more conscious choices.

I believe that taking more responsibility for your whole being needs to be an enjoyable, fun process. True healing is about becoming more yourself, increasing your ability to have a fuller life experience. Increased feelings of joy directly relate to health and healing.

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