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Who does this guy think he is, parking his yellow hot-rod right in front of a pump on West 93d street and West End Avenue, in his tight blazer and basketball sneakers?

Oh, that’s Jerry Seinfeld, filming Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Amy Schumer, that’s who!

Still, he should totally get a ticket for parking in front of a pump. And then make a TV show about it.

Okay, car nerds, what’s the make and model?

Click on the photos to enlarge. Thanks to David Thalberg for sending them.

seinfeld large

He apparently also stopped at the Short Stop diner in the Bronx on Thursday:

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    1. Upper West Side Wally says:


    2. Michael says:

      It’s a Ferrari. 365GTB/4

    3. DMH says:

      you know, we’re living in a SOCIETY, Jerry!

      (couldn’t resist)

    4. Rebecca Elise says:

      Haha DMH.

    5. whatsupduck says:

      Is Michael Richards moving the car for alternate-side parking? Or is Jason Alexander?

    6. Lucien Desar says:

      That is such a fun show and that car is amazing looking. I bet it’s this one that is for sale: located in Huntington Station (more pictures of it)

    7. LuftMensch says:

      This is great and its fun to see such an exotic car, but has anyone asked Mr. Seinfeld lately what he has really contributed to the Upper Westside since he made it Oh So famous on that mediocre show of his, now almost 20 years old. There was a rumor at my Shul(on the UWS…)that he up and quit the congregation because he wasn’t promised a parking space for his Porsche right in front of the Shul–By the Bimah no less! Maybe if he spent more time giving back to the UWS community, there would be less crime, homelessness, and our children would be getting better test scores as well.

      • Sam says:

        I find it very humorous that you gossip in your temple about why Jerry left another congregation and then gossip about it on this forum. Maybe you should stop spreading rumors that have no factual basis?

        His show which created jobs and contributed to small businesses in the neighborhood, made him hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s paid a substantial amount of income and property taxes directly to NYC.

        While I agree that someone with his resources ($800 million+) could be more charitable, he earned it and he can do what he pleases with it.

        • LuftMensch says:

          I question what you mean about economic prosperity and the creation of thousands of jobs, Sam. Lest I remind you that Seinfeld was filmed 3000 miles away in Burbank. Any prosperity born of Jerry’s “creative genius was felt on Ventura or Sunset and not the Arcadian Avenues of your youth(Broadway and Amsterdam Aves.). If you consider economic prosperity having to wait a half hour for a table at Tom’s greasy spoon diner, then I guess that is prosperity…Otherwise, the Upper Westside remains dead and buried much like the faded inspirations of a celebrity comic who thinks of and plays with Nothing.

        • Jake says:

          Right on the money, Sam! Thanks!

      • Upper West Side Mom says:

        Hmmmmm……I smell a troll in our precious midst. To quote Elaine, “GET OUT….” If we see you at Tom’s Diner you’d better ‘GIDDYUP…”I too find it shocking that one could defame both Jerry AND an UWS synagogue in the same sentence. Beware the Ayin Hara oh evil one and leave Jerry alone.

      • whatsupduck says:

        Spreading loshon hara, and on erev Shabbos, no less?

        Shanda, shanda.

        Also, he wanted to park by the bima? Talk about a drive-through service….

      • Frank says:

        What has he contributed to anything, not just the UWS?

    8. Nathan says:

      He needs to get those pants hemmed!

    9. Nick says:

      This is a classic Ferrari Daytona

    10. Bruce Arnold says:

      Jensen Interceptor