Upper West Side bakery chain Crumbs is great at making you want something you shouldn’t have, particularly when you’re on a diet. This week, they’re going one step further, featuring a special line of “Passover tastepacks.”

Except, as the sign casually notes in all-caps, they’re “NOT KOSHER FOR PASSOVER.”

Photo by Anya Kamenetz at the shop’s Bryant Park location.

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    1. webot says:

      now that is funny..

      and look at those calories

    2. Erica says:

      I think it is a joke ….

    3. Upper West Side Wally says:

      Not every UWS Jew eats exclusively kosher food, even at Passover. And Crumbs adheres to truth in advertising: looks like about 10/12 cakes in that box, comes to 100 calories per cake. Doable!

    4. anon says:

      There is NO way that the whole container is 1000 calories. Have you seen the size of a crumbs cupcake + frosting!

      • So ott says:

        The passover pack comes with the “taste” sized cupcakes. The ones pictured are not the ones that come with it.

    5. WhatsUpDuck says:

      I’m actually grateful that they posted this sign with the cupcakes this year. In past years, I’ve had to ask if these are KLP, and this is their answer:
      – They are baked with no flour or leavening agents, hence they “could” be kosher for passover by some standards.
      – They are, however, cooked in ovens that have not been cleaned for Pesach.
      – These have not been certified KLP by any Rabbinate.

      So it’s “kosher-style,” not KLP.

      Now, nothing tops the “Channukah Ham” at Balducci’s a few years back or Fairway’s wish for everyone to have a joyous Yom Kippur…..

    6. Peter Pitts says:

      Actually, if you think about it, Passover food that isn’t kosher for Passover is just about a perfect UWS option.