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Hide this story from your children!

A cupcake ATM could come to the Upper West Side within a year, a spokesman for Sprinkles Cupcakes tells us. Sprinkles just opened a cupcake ATM on the Upper East Side at 60th and Lexington, doling out freshly made cupcakes 24 hours a day.

We had first written about the possibility of a cupcake ATM two years ago, and then given up on it, figuring it was just a marketing ploy that would never actually happen.

But now it exists, and the cupcake ATM is a part of New York.

(Woe is me, the New York of Dorothy Parker and Langston Hughes is now the New York of cupcakes-on-demand.). Okay, back to the article.

Nicole Schwartz, a spokeswoman for Sprinkles, said that the company is hoping to open one on the Upper West Side “within the year.”

See the cupcake ATM in action below:

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    1. jerry says:

      Wow! Wotta headline. Including “Could come (within a year).”
      That’s journalism at its best.
      My heart beats fast.
      Ah, life on the UWS – ain’t it banal –

      • Sean says:

        Dude, this is the suburbs of Manhattan!

        • ScooterStan says:

          Oh, REALLY?!?!

          To all those esthetes who lament that the UWS is becoming suburbia: Have You Ever Really SEEN Suburbia ???

          Have you seen:
          1. ugly strip malls, every one with the same stores and all surrounded by a sea of parking lots;
          2. ugly ticky-tacky ecologically-wasteful single-family homes that look like they couldn’t survive a 30-mph breeze;
          3. ugly four-lane traffic-choked roads;
          4. and even uglier mostly overweight, badly-dressed people (NY Yankees jacket over track pants for Les Hommes? PINK puffy down-jacket winter coats for Les Femmes??)

          Sorry, Charlie, (as the old tuna commercials used to say) but the UWS is Manhattan…in its own unique incarnation. And, as the old song says, “I’ll Take Manhattan….”

          • Jason says:

            Spoken like a true ugly super arrogent new yorker.

            • ScooterStan says:

              Ummm…as a long-time (and happily retired) “Teacher of Secondary School English” (at least that’s what my 1965 NYC BOARD (long before Department) of Education) says, may I CORRECT YOUR SPELLING!

              It is “ARROGANT” … not “ARROGENT”

              Go sit in the corner!


    2. Lucien Desar says:

      Interesting quote: “within the year.” for the UWS is code for “slim chance” like CitiBikes being installed on the UWS.

      I like how the end of the video they come up with the idea of the Cronut ATM. That would be awesome!

    3. Frankenstein says:

      Is this an April Fool’s joke?!