The future home of the Emerald Inn.

All hope seemed to be lost for the Emerald Inn, the small Irish pub and restaurant on Columbus Avenue between 69th and 70th street that will close at the end of April. But the taps will keep flowing, because the bar is planning to open again at 250 West 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue, which was the former home of PD O’Hurley’s West End until it closed last month.

Owner Charlie Campbell told us that he’s going to try to have a grand opening at the new spot by June 1. The Emerald Inn has been around for 70 years, owned by Campbell’s family through three generations. Campbell says the Emerald Inn’s neon sign will be moving too: “Of course. Wouldn’t be the Emerald Inn without it.”

The Columbus Avenue location will be replaced by a Kate Spade store, selling women’s accessories.

We initially broke the news about the bar closing here.

The current home.

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    1. Pasta P says:


    2. jsc says:

      i still miss all state cafe

    3. phil says:

      Rejoice. The world will be right again. The Emerald Inn, RIGHT ACROSS from my apartment!! The west side RULES!!

    4. Paris says:

      Great. I also miss the Cheers bar that was All state cafe, its fire place, the crowd and the generous pours and the freebies and the good, inexpensive good.

      All of that is hard to find at the new overpriced bars in the W 70s that often get trendy B&T types.

      I hope the Emerald Inn does well in its new, larger space. That stretch of 72nd St. does not get as much foot traffic as Columbus Ave. in the 70s does.

    5. Sudz says:

      We can look at this as fleeing Pharoah and reaching the Promised Land or as a Resurrection from the tomb. Or both. Certainly it fits the season. Alleluia!

    6. JM says:

      I hope it does well. Unfortunately that spot on 72nd seems cursed.

    7. Scooter Stan says:

      Re: #4’s “trendy B&T types”

      Ahh…B ‘N’ T Types … NOT to be confused with:
      BMT types (attn 20-somethings – that was a subway line, long before the colorful letter/number dots)

      or BLT Types …
      Ooops, sorry for the “rye” comment!
      Guess I’m toast. Hold the Mayo.

    8. Jean Mensing says:

      Thank you for saving a bit of the old Upper West Side. You will be the last “Hang Out Place” in town. I’ll be there often along with all my friends.