They were just too big! They couldn’t be contained in such a small space! They were spilling out all over the place!

(Okay, breathe)

Town Shop,  a lingerie store on Broadway between 81st and 82nd streets that’s been around since 1888, will be opening its new location right across the street this summer. The new store will open at 2270 Broadway, the former home of Laytner’s Linen.

And it’s going to be twice as big.

“The new store will enable us to display more of the merchandise and make the customer experience even better. We are thrilled to know we will be serving our customers and the next generation for many years to come,” said fourth-generation owner Danny Koch in a a statement that was emailed to us.

The Town Shop owners have always had a great sense of humor about breasts, which is a nice touch when you are known for your expertise in helping women find the perfect fit. In fact, former owner Selma Koch’s obituary in the Times revealed her bra size: “Selma Koch, a Manhattan store owner who earned a national reputation by helping women find the right bra size, mostly through a discerning glance and never with a tape measure, died Thursday at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She was 95 and a 34B.

Selma was a kind of bra genius: “A quick look would tell her a customer’s proper bra size, which she maintained that three-quarters of women did not know.” She maintained that women’s breasts were getting bigger throughout the years. Indeed, Town Shop carries quite a few sizes: “The Town Shop carries an expansive variety of products including, lingerie, shapewear, maternity bras, swimwear, and bridal lingerie. From sizes 28 AA to size K.”

Before Hurricane Sandy, the shop posted a sign on the window saying “We have no D batteries, but plenty of D-Cup Bras. And DD and…” A photo by Gavan Vogler is below.

Anyway, this is good news, as it’s nice to see a local business expanding instead of closing. Please post any bra puns in the comments.

Thanks to Rebecca Frey for the top photo.

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    1. Harriet says:

      Does anyone remember that 20 years ago, The Town Shop used to be twice the size they are now? They downsized when rents first started getting crazy in the early 90’s I think. I’m happy they are doing well. I’m a regular customer and they helped both my daughters get over the embarrassment about being fitted for a bra when they were teenagers.

      • Dee says:

        I do remember that. And I remember even earlier before THAT expansion. They kept moving on that one block. I look forward to shopping in the new store.

    2. dcortex says:

      So when Bra Smyth expands, the store next door will have to be “Big Nikki’s!”

    3. Scooter Stan says:

      WOW !! Those chicks in that window (see photo above) are HOTTIES!

      And, being headless, they’re ideal cheap dates…they don’t eat much.

      Then again, they’re probably lousy conversationalists.

    4. Jennifer says:

      Yay! So happy Town Shop is expanding! I was worries that when Laytner’s cut back to half its size, a bank or Duane Reade would take the other half – par for the course (unfortunately) on the UWS. Glad a small business is taking over.

    5. Danny says:

      Thanks for the great coverage.
      The only move we have made, was actually was to our current, and bigger store. While supporting our customers, their support has enabled us to grow!
      We have the most loyal customers, and are thrilled to be able to continue to serve them!
      Danny ( 4th generation owner)
      Town Shop

    6. Terry says:

      Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation.

    7. Jean Joachim says:

      Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation. Perhaps expanding breasts on the UWA will bring more single men into our neighborhood!

    8. Lydia Leeds says:

      Glad to know Town shop is busting out of their old space!!

    9. Mazel Tov, Danny! Your family business inspired me to open our family-run bra stores on the ‘Other West Side’ in Los Angeles. May you have another 100 years.

    10. Debbie Grossbardt says:

      Breast of luck. I’m thrilled!

    11. Wendl K says:

      Just got re-fitted at Town Shop last week, what a difference. Found much better-fitting bras at very good price. OK, humor — a friend recently said that her bra size had changed a lot since she became an older woman, she was now a size 34-Long!

    12. Fred Wilson says:

      send me some info on bars size 38h for my woman