Congressman Jerry Nadler continued to bash the NRA in the wake of the shootings in Newton, Conn. The NRA today proposed sending armed guards to  schools throughout the country to stop future shootings.

Here’s Nadler’s response:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) condemned the National Rifle Association’s proposal for armed guards in every American school as the answer to Newtown and ubiquitous gun violence.  Nadler issued the following statement:

The NRA’s response to the Newtown massacre is both ludicrous and insulting, and they are fundamentally out of step with the American people on the issue of gun violence.  Instead of making a sincere and good faith concession toward gun control reform – like enhanced, universal background checks, which the vast majority of its members support – the NRA has offered a fantasy suggestion for congressional action on a massive federal spending increase, backed by a disingenuous offer of NRA-funded training premised on that fantasy being actualized.

“What happened to their promise for a ‘meaningful contribution?’  To argue that kids are not safe because too few ‘good guys’ have guns is to ignore every fact on the ground.  The armed personnel at Columbine and Fort Hood, tragically, could not prevent the shooters from committing mass murder.

“And, beyond the cost of providing armed guards for each school – $5.4 billion a year just for salaries, in some estimates – this remedy does nothing to provide checks on ‘bad guys’ gaining access to guns or to remove the most dangerous and unnecessary types of firearms from circulation.  What we need is NOT more guns but sensible gun control legislation, including a ban on assault weapons and a comprehensive buyback program, a robust and centralized system of background checks, and a reassessment of our mental health services.”

File photo of Nadler and Bloomberg via Nadler’s office.

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    1. jerry says:

      I like Jerry Nadler – and I think what he says has some merit – but in this instance I must disagree. An armed guard at every school would be, even in the worst case scenario, a deterent. I know two families on the UWS who both send their children to private schools who, as liberal as they are, would welcome the presence of an armed guard at their respective schools. Obviously, gun violence in our country is a serious problem – but just because one of many possible remedies (background checks, video games, etc. – all necesary), comes from the NRA, does not mean it’s a bad idea. I’m a gun owner – and not a member of the NRA and can’t imagine ever being one. So…there is no easy solution…Americans will own guns…but immediately, while allowing sporting guns into our culture, we must not allow military grade AK15’s, AR15’s and their like and multiple shot magazines available to one and all. And beyond that, how do we identify (and control) the crazy heads? This woman’s guns were all totally legal – she just should have locked them up. Because the kid was off his rails.

    2. Tom says:

      That the NRA or any other sane person or organization would not be supporting a ban on assault weapons and huge magazines is incomprehensible. Hopefully the NRA’s stupidity will cause it to lose many members and ultimately its political influence.

    3. NikFromNYC says:

      2000 : Clinton Wanted To Put Police In Schools After Columbine Shooting

      Posted on December 22, 2012 by stevengoddard
      After the Columbine shooting, Bill Clinton wanted to put police in schools – and it was good. Now that the NRA has proposed the same thing, the idea is evil.

      WASHINGTON — Marking the first anniversary of the shooting deaths at Columbine High School, President Clinton announced $120 million in new federal grants Saturday to place more police officers in schools.

    4. david alan kjoller says:

      Strap this stat on:

      In 2008, the U.S. had over 12,000 firearm-related homicides. All of Japan experienced only 11 (in 2006, there were only 2!) – Hard to believe, isn’t it?

      Other years have similar disparities.

      In Japan, the purchase and ownership of a gun is a very difficult process. As a consequence, few people have them.

      Does it matter to them? Apparently not.

      In contrast to Japan, the US is, by a wide margin, the most heavily armed country in the world, both in total number and in per capita number. Even the second highest country in per capita ownership isn’t remotely close to the US.

      In that regard, the US is truly in a class by itself.

      At the heart of this insane cult obsession with guns is the NRA. Their motives are so selfish and self centered so as to either subvert or preclude accurate statistics used for the purpose of crime control.

      As an organization, it should be taken down and its power destroyed.

      Less than 2% of the population is a NRA member. Although the NRA’s membership is an important component of their strength it is not the only one.

      This is a simple choice, civilized citizen.

      Will it be guns and death? Or life without them?

      What’s it going to be?