Joanne Trattoria, the restaurant on 68th Street owned by the Upper West Side’s Germanotta family (also known as Lady Gaga’s parents), slapped an ‘A’ health grade sticker on its door on Friday. It was a big upgrade from the ‘C’ the restaurant received a couple of months ago from the Department of Health. Among the violations cited at an October inspection: unwashed food-prep surfaces, a lack of hand-washing facilities close to the kitchen, and food placed in areas ripe for contamination.

The restaurant had fought the grade by appealing the department’s ruling. That October inspection has apparently been revised, and the restaurant received just 10 violation points, good enough for an A.

General manager Travis Jones wrote on the restaurant’s facebook page:

“Yes, we fought back at the NYC Health Dept for their bogus inspection results and we WON! Here’s to show you that no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you do the right thing, someone will try and break you down, but you always come out on top! Life is good at Joanne’s if you haven’t come in, stop by and say hey! I’m always around!”

To celebrate the restaurant offered free “tap wine” to people who came in for dinner.

But will the health upgrade overshadow some very negative reviews?

Top photo via Joanne facebook page.

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    1. Christy says:

      An A rating, that is great! Now the food needs to improve also!

    2. Jerry says:

      They “fought back” and “won?” Was there an appeals process as to the inspection that garnered their C? I very seriously doubt that. How they “won” was to employ standards that earned an A at their next inspection. What a strange spin!

    3. GM says:

      To the Contrary Jerry– There was no “other inspection” we showed evidence to the contrary of what the health department hit us on and proved they were wrong. Don’t believe me? Look at the tribunal records plain and simple.

    4. Head Chef says:

      New Chef in town! For all those that have had bad expierences, and have been throwing tomatoes at Joannes, all of that will come to a hault. There’s a new chef in town, who not only cares about the food and its preparation, but also on customer satisfaction and feedback. Good quality, freshness and great tasting food is being delivered at Joannes. New Lunch/Dinner Menu on board. Stop by and enjoy Lunch/Dinner at the New Joannes.

    5. Mr G says:

      Undertand why you are a rag. Grow up.

    6. victoria Pastor Lerman says:

      Cheers! Way to go…Remember there are always people that like to see you crash and burn. Happy 2013-Hope to see you soon!

      • victoria Pastor Lerman says:

        PS Don’t let people get to you…Run your business and enjoy what you do! Remember..when people are not nice, be nice back…Not because they are nice people but because you are.
        Have a great night…I hope your restaurant is packed!