Amid growing pressure from the public not to run the New York City Marathon while New Yorkers continue to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the mayor’s office just announced that the race is cancelled. Expect to see a lot of skinny, fit people wondering around the neighborhood wondering what to do with themselves (maybe they can volunteer!).

The Times has more on the decision.

Photo by asterix611.

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    1. dcortex says:

      And Im going to punish you by canceling instead of postponing the event – Mayor Mike

    2. Ricki says:

      It would be great if those very fit runners would lend a hand and volunteer. It would help the city and the image of the race. Perhaps Road Runners and the mayor will encourage them to do so.

    3. NikFromNYC says:

      “They’re still looking for dead bodies!” – Staten “Bloomberg’s Bengazi” Island

      Meanwhile, Upper West Sider Michael Moore is busy inciting an Obama riot: