Someday, people will stop opening stores that sell sugar-filled treats on the Upper West Side, but that day is not coming soon.

Two new stores are bringing some new sweet options to the neighborhood.

On Broadway between 61st and 62nd Streets, IT’SUGAR is set to open in August. This place appears to be a candy store, a teen clothing store, and a novelty shop all rolled into one. It may make you want to lock your teenage daughter in her room. You can buy a huge box of Nerds, a pair of short shorts with the words “Sweet Cheeks” on them, and “Bacon Bandages” that make it look like you have a piece of bacon over your boo-boo. You are also invited to join the “Sugar High Club.” Really, I have no words for what this is.

For those of you who aren’t into massive boxes of Nerds, the neighborhood also just got a more traditional bakery. One Cup Two Cupcakes just opened a few days ago on 107th Street and Columbus Avenue. The bakery was started by Jessica Echevarria, a veteran of the amazing Soutine Bakery on 70th Street just off of Columbus. She worked at Soutine for 18 years, starting when she was 16-years-old. She learned everything she knows from Soutine owner Madge Rosenberg, she told us.

One Cup Two Cupcakes makes pies, wedding and birthday cakes and lots of cupcakes. Check out one of the cakes from their website, and a picture of Jessica in the store below. Will someone please buy me this for my next birthday?

Thanks to Sarah and Terry for the tips. Thanks to Terry for the photo of One Cup, Two Cupcakes.

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    1. Ana says:

      Well, I guess it’s great that Bloomberg is trying to ban sodas that are bigger than 16oz. With all these candy stores invading NYC, we need to take it easy on the sodas! Our wonderful mayor is trying to save us from obesity. Thank goodness!!

      What a JOKE!!!!

    2. Phil Vasquez says:

      It’s called, “It’Sugar”?
      Ohhhh I get it. Like, It’s.. and then Sugar.. but put together. Clever.

      Bloomberg is trying to ban anything unhealthy in the city, but a place literally called “IT IS SUGAR” is allowed to set up shop? Oh and in case it’s ever busy, there’s no need to fret cause you’ll still be able to have your hyperglycemic fix by visiting the soon to be open Cupcake ATM.

      It Is Sugar has 2,838 Followers on Twitter.
      Food Emporium has 552.

    3. NikFromNYC says:

      Bachelor’s preference? Beef jerky store and a BYOB full contact lap dance joint that offers toaster oven snacks. Enough girl shops already! At least I like curves so college gals getting addicted to muffins is a useful trend.

    4. Justine says:

      Congrats, Jessica! We used to pilgrimage downtown to Soutine, now we’ll head up for One Cup Two Cupcakes!