Family-friendly pizza spot Rigoletto Pizza on Columbus and 69th is moving to 141 72nd Street, where Buttercup Bake Shop recently closed. Rigoletto has been in that spot for 20 years.

The move means that it will be harder to grab one of Rigoletto’s heaping spinach and ricotta slices and then devour a Magnolia cupcake next door and then feel really bad about yourself.

An employee at Rigoletto said that the new space is larger and has better air conditioning.

The employee said a Mexican bar is expected to take take Rigoletto’s place. A company called Birote Corporation¬† is seeking a liquor license application for the space.

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    1. JAN says:

      Mexican bar = sidewalk cafe probably unenclosed. Soon you won’t be able to tell Columbus from Amsterdam, barwise. It would be so nice to have a diner type operation Better yet, BRING BACK HUNAN PARK and O’NEAL’S!!
      Did the Bowery start this way???

    2. Emma says:

      God, I hope that doesn’t happen. Columbus is one of the nicest avenues in NYC. It would be sad to see it become messy.