Spring Natural Kitchen, a spinoff of longtime SoHo restaurant Spring Street Natural, just opened on Columbus Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets with a robust menu full of organic ingredients. While there are lots of options for vegetarians and vegans, including an enticing Moroccan stew, the menu is also filled with meat options, including grass-fed hangar steak with a side of four-cheese mac-and-cheese. Yes, pull up two chairs for your big ole butt.

Spring Natural opened for dinner on Friday, and will start serving lunch today, owner Rus Schoenholt told us. On Wednesday, the restaurant will start offering delivery. This weekend, it will also serve brunch starting at 10:30 a.m.

It’s been around just four days and already it’s received some spirited Yelp reviews. The first Yelp reviewer wrote a long meandering diatribe that he asked people not to trust: “Clearly, someone with this much extra time you should only listen to with extreme reservations.” Basically, he was mad that his bun was charred, but wasn’t willing to ask the server to bring him a new bun. Also, he didn’t immediately get his ketchup. A second reviewer chided him: “How can you please a person like that in the first place?” She went on to offer praise for the food: “I ordered 3 things from the daily special menu they had. I had a very tasty freshly squeezed carrot beet juice, yam soup that was of perfect consistency and perfectly flavored and spiced. I also ordered the cheese ravioli with sage, which was very tasty as well. The portion sizes are just perfect.”

What’s more, the place is open until 1:30 a.m. on weekends. Check out the lunch, dinner and brunch menus below, as well as a photo of the menu (click to enlarge) by Beckie of Cubicle 57 Blog , who also sent us the picture of the restaurant above.

Dinner Winter 2012 NEW

Lunch Winter 2012 NEW

Brunch Winter 2012 NEW

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    1. We can practically smell the delicious food from our Upper West Side apartments. We love that they offer a few new items that aren’t available downtown. Everything is delicious and healthy at this Upper West Side spot. We love it here!

    2. Tanya says:

      Unfortunately this place is doing a disservice to my beautiful neighborhood of upper west side. The food is mediocre, & the service is as bad as it could be.
      There is no respect for anything here. No respect for customers and no respect for food.
      I hope they will be replaced by a worthy establishment as soon as possible.