There may be a lot of boutiques, wine shops and candy bodegas on the Upper West Side, but people have their favorites, and it’s a bummer when the stores close.

Some well-lovedĀ  local shops have closed recently. Nonetheless, lots of new stores are either open or on the brink of opening. Here are a few:

90′ Nuts, a small candy shop on Broadway and 90th Street, has now closed, report tipsters John P. (who took the above photo) and David Thalberg. I always wondered what the 90′ was for — are they saying that the store held “90 feet” of nuts? Now we’ll never know.

Roam, a clothing boutique on Amsterdam between 83rd and 84th, plans to close by the end of the month as the owners have become involved in other projects, an employee there told me. The store has been holding a 50%-off liquidation sale, and the sale has proven so popular that it might not make it to the end of the month.

Turin Wines & Liquors on 90th Street and Columbus has closed after nearly 30 years in the neighborhood, to be replaced by a laundromat with a sickly greenish-yellow paint job, report tipsters Libby and Sarah B. Sarah praised the old wine shop for its “friendly, neighborhood atmosphere.”

Payless Shoes on 93rd and Broadway has also shut its doors, Thalberg tells us.

West Lake Palace, the all-you-can-drink Chinese restaurant on 81st and Amsterdam that closed last year, will be replaced by a a beauty salon, according to construction permits up at the site.

But…there are also some openings worth getting excited about:

Quick and Quality Sandwich, which sells Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches on 108th Street and Broadway, just opened, which means Upper West Siders finally get to join in on the Vietnamese sandwich craze. Vietnamese sandwiches tend to be filled with meat, pickled vegetables and cilantro. The shop also has bar food like buffalo wings, calamari, and Asian salads. It’s not part of a chain, the owner told me. Here’s a look at the menu.

A new pet shop called Little Creatures just opened on Amsterdam between 85th and 86th Streets, Libby reports.

Gastronomie 491, a high-end food shop at Columbus between 84th and 85th is close to opening, Eater reports. It was originally slated to open in October, as we reported.

We will hopefully have a new openings and closing map up in the next week or two, but in the meantime, you can check out our most recent edition, as well as our recent piece on three exciting restaurants opening soon on the Upper West Side.

    1. David Thalberg says:

      “90’Nuts” – ah, the creativity in the name: The store was on Broadway & 90th St. Tada!

    2. Seth says:

      I love the West Side Rag (and I love the Upper West Side), but can we please attempt to keep things a little more current here? “90’s Nuts” closed easily a month and a half ago, maybe more. And good riddance. They did not have “serving” utensils for the candy, kids just reached in and grabbed what they wanted. It was nasty. There is a new candy store opening on 90th and Amsterdam that looks huge and will be a welcome addition.

      Any news on the Metro Theater space? Now that would be newsworthy.

      Also, random plea to the entire neighborhood (stores, residential buildings, etc.)–let’s PLEASE all try and keep things clean. I have notices so much litter, dog poop, etc. all over the place. If each building (including residents) and storeowner took a little pride in the sidewalk space, we would have a much cleaner neighborhood!

      Thanks. A good week to all.