Cuban joint Cafe Con Leche has closed its location at 726 Amsterdam Avenue between 95th and 96th Street, and a new restaurant will open in its spot. It’s unclear what that new restaurant will serve: according to a message on the restaurant’s answering machine it’s going to be a French take-out joint, but now a sign posted outside says it will be a Kosher steak and sushi place. Cafe Con Leche still has a location open at 424 Amsterdam Avenue between 80th and 81st.

The Cuban restaurant, which has some Dominican influences, had a relatively popular brunch menu with favorites like Roast Pork Eggs Benedict (not for the faint of stomach). People on Yelp were singing Cafe Con Leche’s praises less than a month ago, and it’s unclear what caused the cafe to suddenly shut its doors. One fan on menupages who was the first person to ever eat the 95th Street location called it “a laid back Latin jewel on the Upper West Side, one that is not too pricey and not too pretentious, which has been delivering consistent quality chow to a diverse clientele for more than a decade.”

If my awful Spanish skills serve me, the sign on the door appears to be advertising the services of one of their dishwashers (please let me know if I’m wrong on that.) Many thanks to tipster Daren for the photo and thanks to Marjorie for the tip on the Kosher steak and sushi sign.

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    1. Jason says:

      I’ve been to their 80th St location and I was very unimpressed, as if the sauces were out of a can.

      A French take out (and perhaps delivery)? I can get on that –

    2. Tatin says:

      Whoever put that sign on the door in Spanish needs to go back to school and learn how to spell!

    3. kat says:

      I ate at their Amsterdam venue and had a severe bout of food poisoning. I checked on yelp, and I’m not the only one to have experienced this. I read up on their hygiene standards and grading by the NYC health department, it appears they have violated a string of hygiene codes, including having a problem with vermin. I’m not surprised why one of their outlet closed. I’m so upset I didn’t read the reviews before I ate there. Would have saved my poor body a beating.