H&H bagels is slated to shut its doors Tuesday, but one local resident isn’t taking the news sitting down, with a hot cup of coffee and some lox and cream cheese. He is standing up to fight the transformation of our neighborhood into one giant waiting room for Duane Reade and Chase Bank. On Monday at 7 p.m., James Besser will lead a rally at Riverside Park’s 83rd Street entrance at 79th Street and Riverside Park (he changed the location late in the day on Monday). How many sweet, well-intentioned people will it take to raise $347,813 in back rent? We could all pass around a hat, but it would have to be a big hat. And that might look silly.

(For news about what happened at the rally, click here.)

The last day for H&H keeps getting pushed back: first it was supposed to be last Wednesday, and then it was reported to be Sunday, but when I went in today an employee at the store said that the last day will now be Tuesday. She said she hasn’t heard from the owners and is hopeful she gets transferred to the 46th Street location.

UPDATE: The owner of H&H is apparently involved in the effort now (odd how he suddenly came out of the woodwork), and there will be FREE BAGELS at the rally. Just got this via @ReporterLeslie:

Hello everyone,
The owner of H&H Bagels and I have agreed to use tonight’s meeting to form a committee to preserve the Upper West Side. The goals are to support mom-and-pop stores and promote small town values. Please join me at 7 P.M. inside Riverside Park — entrance on West 83rd Street. Free bagels!
Please spread this information on the Internet.

Photo via Jonathan Dube of @cyberjournalist.

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