Bicyclist Hits Four-Year-Old in Riverside Park; City Plans to Make Separate Bike Paths in Some Sections

A cyclist slammed into a four-year-old in Riverside Park on Monday, sending the girl to the hospital with a head injury. It’s the latest in what some l … Read the rest of this entry >>

Pedestrian Struck by Van, Driver Cited for Failure to Yield

A 51-year-old female pedestrian was struck by a van at 73rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue at 11:50a.m. on Wednesday morning, cau … Read the rest of this entry >>

At Least 3 Speed Cameras on the UWS Deactivated After State Fails to Reauthorize Program

The state failed to reauthorize the city's speed camera program, and now those cameras are no longer gathering evidence for speeding violat … Read the rest of this entry >>

Truck Driver Who Hit Pedestrian Receives Three Summonses

The driver of the tractor-trailer that hit and severely injured a man on 81st Street and Amsterdam Avenue last week was cited for three infract … Read the rest of this entry >>

Pedestrian Likely to Die After Truck Collision on Amsterdam Avenue, Police Say

A 37-year-old man was taken to the hospital with severe head trauma after being run over by a truck on Amsterdam Avenue on Wednesday eve … Read the rest of this entry >>

Cyclist Hits Woman and Child on Riverside Drive

A bicyclist traveling in a group hit a woman and child crossing Riverside Drive at 115th Street on Saturday around noon, according to po … Read the rest of this entry >>

Cyclist Runs Over Toddler on Riverside Park Path

A bicyclist hit a toddler in Riverside Park on Thursday around 6:45 p.m. on the shared path next to the Hudson River near 73rd Street, acco … Read the rest of this entry >>

85-Year-Old Woman Struck by Jeep and Killed Crossing West End Avenue

At 7:15 a.m. Thursday, an 85-year-old female pedestrian was struck by a Jeep at the intersection of West End Avenue and 70th S … Read the rest of this entry >>

Cars Will Be Banned From Central Park Loop Starting in Late June

Cars will be banned from interior Central Park roads starting June 27, Mayor de Blasio said on Fr … Read the rest of this entry >>

After Lengthy Wait, 96th Street Gets Crosswalks

Late last year, the city repaved 96th Street from Central Park West to West End Avenue, known as one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the neighbor … Read the rest of this entry >>

City Draws Crosswalks on West End Avenue, But 96th Remains Bare

The Department of Transportation has drawn crosswalks on West End Avenue from 61st to 72nd Streets, which were repaved last year. The … Read the rest of this entry >>

Some of Neighborhood’s ‘Most Dangerous’ Blocks Still Have No Crosswalks or Lane Markings

Major streets on the Upper West Side have gone without pedestrian crosswalks or lane markings for cars for months. Drivers routinely encroach into the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Jogger Hit By Truck and Severely Injured on Amsterdam Avenue

A 31-year-old man was pinned under the wheels of a tractor-trailer on Amsterdam Avenue on Monday, and sustained severe injuries. The man had … Read the rest of this entry >>

Electric Bikes Are Not Causing Injuries on the UWS, But Still Spook Residents

At a press conference on the Upper West Side last year, the mayor announced a crackdown on electric bikes, which are mostly used by delivery wor … Read the rest of this entry >>

Tuesday: Pedestrian Safety, E-bikes on the Agenda at Community Board Meeting

Community Board 7 has just posted the details of their committee meetings this month, and there's an interesting one for people concerned … Read the rest of this entry >>

City Installs Plastic Barriers to Slow Cars Making Left Turns, But Drivers Keep Running Them Over

The city recently placed plastic posts on 93rd Street and West End Avenue to force drivers to make more gradual left … Read the rest of this entry >>

Two Meetings This Week Will Cover Street Safety, and Other Transportation Issues

Community Board 7's Transportation Committee will be meeting on Tuesday night at 250 West 87th Street at 7 p.m. to discuss the dicey situation for pedest … Read the rest of this entry >>

Two Months After Repaving Starts, West End Avenue Left in ‘Alarming’ State

A 12-block stretch on West End Avenue has been without any pedestrian crosswalk markings for the past eight weeks. A repaving project on Wes … Read the rest of this entry >>


A 19-year-old Columbia student was hit by a burgundy sedan shortly after midnight Monday on 115th Street and Riverside Drive, susta … Read the rest of this entry >>


“What will it take for the City to do something about its most dangerous intersections?” demanded City Council Member Helen Rosenthal last month, spe … Read the rest of this entry >>