Neighborhood Teen Who Was Missing Is Home Safe

By Lisa Kava

As of 5:30 p.m., January 24, the 16-year-old neighborhood girl who went missing on January 14, has been safe at home with her family, her mother, informed WSR, in a text. She wrote that she is grateful for the outpouring of support and compassion from the community. “People have been amazing and kind. I have no words. I am overwhelmed.” In order to protect her daughter’s privacy, she is not offering any other information at this time.

We have removed the teen’s name and photograph now that she is safe. Thanks to readers who suggested it.

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    1. RJ says:

      So glad she is safe and home!

    2. Bob Lamm says:

      Great news. And of course Laura Robb is right to protect her daughter’s privacy.

    3. Sally says:

      This is such good news! I have children around her age and I can’t imagine how scary that was for her family. Thanks for the update.

    4. Suzzy says:

      Great news and glad you shared it. But now that she’s safe is it really necessary for you to keep publishing her picture?
      As her mother stated, she deserves privacy. Take the photo down?

    5. David says:

      Great ending. I think it would be nice if WSR took down the child’s photograph since she is safe at home.

    6. kab says:

      SO happy to hear this! And thank you to her mother for letting us know.

    7. RS says:

      Oh, thank GOODNESS! Thank you for letting us all know. So very happy for her and her family — there are no words.

    8. Bob Lamm says:

      Those who recommended removing the teen’s name and photo were absolutely right. I regret not thinking of this myself when I posted about this situation earlier. It’s great that you followed the excellent suggestion by Suzzy and David.