Liquor Licenses Approved for Renovated Hotel, New Senior Living Facility, and Beloved Restaurant

Photograph by Missvain via Wikimedia Commons.

By Maya Mau

At their January 2022 meeting, the Community Board 7 Business and Consumer Issues Committee approved three new liquor licenses for Upper West Side businesses, giving insight into what’s coming and happening in the neighborhood.

The Wallace, a luxury boutique hotel at 242 West 76th Street (between Broadway and West End), requested a permit to serve alcohol in the lounge in the lobby and on the lower level for corporate events. The hotel hopes that this will be the final piece to adding food and beverage to a hotel that needs those services. The hotel, which was renovated and reopened in October 2020, features 124 guest rooms including 50 suites. It prides itself on having technologically advanced amenities. Though the bar will be for hotel guests, it will also be open to the public. Though some committee members expressed reservations about the parking situation, the request was approved by the committee.

Sunrise Senior Living, an operator of retirement homes and other housing for senior citizens, runs hundreds of facilities across the nation and in Canada. They are currently constructing another at 2330 Broadway (between 84th and 85th) and plan on opening in the first half of 2023. As they do at their other locations, they hope to provide dining services, including beer and wine, for residents and guests. There is already another location in Manhattan at 139 East 56th Street. After a few members expressed excitement, the request was approved.

Tropical Sensation, a Dominican restaurant at 953 Amsterdam Avenue (on the corner of 107th), recently renegotiated a lease with the landlord, who wanted a new entity formed. As such, the restaurant was required to get new certificates, including a new liquor license. However, it is the same family that will be running the full-service restaurant with recorded music. The request was approved by the committee.

The liquor licenses are pending final approval by the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA).

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    1. Dani says:

      The Wallace Hotel looks nice.

      • Eagle Eye says:

        If your assessment that the Wallace “looks nice” is based on the image that appears on the hotel’s home page — which I would say looks more than nice, it looks extraordinary! — note that what’s shown is not the hotel. It’s a photo taken in Central Park looking toward the Bethesda Fountain. Otoh, you may have views of the actual hotel in mind, in which case I have no reason to agree or disagree.

    2. Eric says:

      This is all good news, but a neighborhood favorite – Coppolas – has been waiting for a renewal of its liquor license since last summer. What’s the hold up? I’m not a drinker, but I do care about the health of our small businesses in the neighborhood.

      So much for government supporting businesses…

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Perhaps there is a good reason it hasn’t been renewed yet?

      • Ted Leibowitz says:

        The holdup just may be not using one of the favored lawyers. It just may be an “old boys club.”

        I’ve known more than a few restaurant owners.

    3. Leslie says:

      I read in the Times this new senior citizen home is going to start at $10,000.00 a month. They are only for a certain type of clientele.

    4. OldGrouseJim says:

      10k to live in the old folks home and you can choose from $25 meatballs at citarella or be jostled like farm animals at fairway. Sign me up.

      • Eric says:

        I thought I was the only one who felt like “a farm animal” when shopping at Fairway! In addition to dismissive management and disinterested personnel, the cleanliness of the store is questionable. Yet, they get away with it because people wave away such concerns with “it’ just New York”. Lucky for Fairway their customers have such low self-esteem.

    5. Sally says:

      I’ve had family members stay at The Wallace over the holidays and they had a great experience. It’s a terrific addition to the neighborhood. Now the Astor has to get rid of its scaffolding. It’s been an eyesore for at least 4 years and ruining some businesses (the latest is the Cat Vet).

    6. Brandon says:

      Is the Cipriani offshoot at Waterline Square still happening?