New Trailer Released for West Side Story, Expected to Open Next Month

By Carol Tannenhauser

Steven Spielberg’s 2021 movie version of the classic 1957 Broadway musical (and 1595 Elizabethan drama), West Side Story will be opening in theaters only on December 10th.

The legendary Stephen Sondheim, who wrote the lyrics to the original musical, said about the film on IndieWire, “It’s really terrific….the whole thing has real sparkle to it and real energy, and it feels fresh. It’s really first-grade.”

Parts of the movie were filmed in the neighborhood, as we wrote about here.

Here’s the new West Side Story trailer:

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    1. Norma kesselschmidt says:

      Can’t wait to see Rita Moreno again. She is wonderful!!

    2. Lady Di says:

      while I believe some originals are sacrilegious and shouldn’t be re-made (i.e., the recent mess of an attempt on Broadway), I’ll give Spielberg’s version a chance just on this preview alone.

    3. Sharon Katz says:

      I wouldn’t call Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story a Greek drama. It’s literally an Elizabethan drama.

    4. The 2:15 WSS trailer version:

      What it’s up against, in memory’s sacred core:

    5. EdNY says:

      Interesting that this trailer completely ignores the score. I’m sure it’s intentional in terms of target audience.

    6. Nathan Bahny says:

      You wouldn’t know it was a musical.

    7. Janet says:

      FYI, St. Matthew’s RC church, whose entrance was on W. 67th St., and was connected to the Rectory on 68th St. I have heard that the dance scene was filmed in the basement.