Liquor License Applications Hint at New Restaurants, Including Lolo’s Chicken Shack

Gig Cafe LLC plans to take over this space on Columbus.

Community Board 7’s business and consumer issues committee is meeting later this month to consider new liquor license applications. On the agenda are a few new spots. The meeting is set for Tuesday, September 21 at 6:30 p.m.

The space next to a Bank of America ATM at 330 Columbus Avenue, at 76th Street, will be replaced by a concept owned by Gig Cafe LLC. There’s “no word on who is behind that entity (the entity is at a Buffalo business address),” writes our tipster Upper West Sider.

A Caribbean restaurant called Lolo’s Chicken Shack, which had a spot in the Urbanspace food hall at 152 West 52nd Street, will be replacing the old Cascabel Taqueria at 2799 Broadway (108th Street). A few months ago, Eater had said a Lolo’s Taco Shack was opening in the space, but now it appears that it’s been replaced by the chicken shack. The chicken shack on 52nd had a relatively short menu with sandwiches, a “street plate” and sides, including mac & queso.

And three businesses are seeking changes to their liquor licenses.

Gin Mill, at 442 Amsterdam Avenue (West 81st Street), wants its license changed so that it has the ability to play live music, recorded music and have security personnel for the establishment.

The Consulate at 519 Columbus Avenue (West 85th Street) wants the ability to play live music “consisting of jazz and classical music with vocals. Live music will be on occasions during the week and/or weekend.”

In addition, Friedman’s is looking to add a liquor license at its location at 130 West 72nd Street location.

Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tips.

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    1. Julie says:

      Yes to Lolo’s! A dearth of fried chicken in the 108\Bwy vicinity. Can’t arrive soon enough—we’ll be regulars!

      • Dorrie says:

        Koko wings at 106th between Broadway and Amsterdam has been serving fried chicken for a while. nobody told me on Amsterdam and 107th has an excellent fried chicken sandwich. I was really hoping for a new taco place…

    2. young_man! says:

      I feel bad for the neighbors of these places that want to play music as the bars themselves are already pretty loud.

      • puppy says:

        And it’s well deserved. Even worse off are the peole who live on the second floor above said establishments. Their lives will become a living hell, I speak from dreadful experience

    3. Pete says:

      Anyone know if prohibition is reopening? They had live music almost every day of the week

    4. susan says:

      In the Italian restaurant before it became the Consulate, the music was muted & like a supper-club pianist — not loud at all.

    5. Very Curious Westsider says:

      Does anyone know what store/restaurant is coming to The West 75/Columbus corner, the North West Corner on Columbus Ave & 75th St? They put in a basement elevator. There are small clear Windows outside to peer into on the progress,- hasn’t been any in weeks!
      Curious Westsider
      ps. Free Shake Shack burger to the 1st one who answers correctly!