Missing Pennsylvania Woman Believed to Be on the Upper West Side

Christie Caggiano, a Pennsylvania woman suffering from chronic schizophrenia, has been missing since June and is believed to be on the Upper West Side.

Caggiano was last seen on June 13 after she left her Chester Springs, Pennsylvania home by car to come to New York. Her car was found abandoned in a bus lane on 2nd Avenue.

Her husband Anthony tells us “she may be staying in places such as the New York Public Library, Fed Ex, and Barnes and Noble on Broadway, so that she can escape the heat and/or inclement weather during the day. Allegedly, Christie was last seen Friday August 13th at W 80th and Amsterdam. She was wearing a green shirt. That is all that was reported. By the time police went there, she was gone.”

The missing person’s database lists her as a missing vulnerable adult. She also goes by the name Cecile Hoyt.

“She is believed to be in Central Park West or in the vicinity of West 86th and West 88 streets,” a poster about her disappearance says. “Hair will likely be in a ponytail, as she has a bald spot on the right side of her head following a recent injury. It is probable she needs medical attention.”

See the full poster below:

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    1. Anthony G Caggiano says:

      To The West Side Rag Team – THANK YOU for your help. My family is so grateful. Allegedly, Christie was last seen panhandling outside of Amsterdam Marketplace. We believe she is now in the area of Amsterdam and 80th. A person matching her description was also seen on a bench at Theodore Roosevelt Park. Please help NYC! Thank you and God Bless You All.

      • upper west side girly says:

        I pray that Christie is found safe and gets the help she needs. I can only imagine what you’re going through.

      • Here to help says:

        I saw her on 8/14 on the 2/3 train getting off at 110th street wearing a “shrute farms” grey t-shirt, black sweater, black shoes and pushing a black hard-sided roller suitecase

        • John says:

          Think I may have seen her yesterday morning with that same suitcase at 62nd CPW on the central park west side sitting on a bench looks like she slept there that night.

        • Anthony G Caggiano says:

          Thank you all for your responses and information. I have recently downloaded the Citizens Application and will use it for certain. We had reason to believe that she is sleeping in Central Park West area. When she did this back in Feb-Apr of this year, she said that she slept in parks. Should you see her, best to contact local police; however if possible, please engage her in conversation. She will talk if she does not feel threatened; otherwise, she will become inflammatory as she suffers from persecutory delusions. If you can get her to share her name (so as to confirm identity) and ask of her family. Our sons names are Nick and Mike.

          If she expresses an interest to return home, then please contact me immediately. My number is on the flyer. I have been advised to have police contacted first so that we can get her medical attention. If you would need or would like more information, then please let me know ASAP.

          Thank you and God Bless You All!

          • Karen says:

            Anthony, Since “John” said Christie may have slept on a bench on CPW at 62nd St, tonight (Sunday) I went over & spoke to doormen in buildings that face those benches. They’re all very kind and interested in looking out for her and calling police if they spot her.

            The doorman at 15 CPW said he thinks he saw her 1 mo ago. The 2 doormen at 25 CPW looked at her pictures on Westside Rag. 1 of them said that about 3 wks ago, a female tenant told him she saw a woman on Bway near by who stood out compared to the other “homeless.” He said the description sounded like Christie. He’ll tell this tenant -who’s very tuned in to the homeless- to be on the lookout for Christie.

            My heart goes out to you, Nick, & Mike; I’ll keep looking and spreading the word.

      • MaryC says:

        Anthony, should she be approached, addressed by name? Would it be better or worse to call police?
        We hope she is found soon safe and sound!

        • Phoebe says:

          That is an issue. The police can be very scary to a person suffering with a MI and can cause fear and consequences of lasting trauma. Aren’t there any alternatives to calling the police?

      • Here to help says:

        I actually forgot I took a picture of her on the train the other day to compare to the poster. Anthony if you share your email or a phone number I can email or text it over.

    2. Steevie says:

      She is probably using local churches for free food. I am always in the area. If I see her I will mention your post and see if she is interested in calling you.

    3. js says:

      if not already done, perhaps contact with Department of Homeless Services as they do street outreach?

      Also perhaps the Columbus Avenue BID as they have staff in the area?

      Best to you and your family

      • Phoebe says:

        Please post info re the best organization to contact. I’m not sure the police would be the right people to send.

    4. lynn says:

      Have you contacted the Citizen App? They have broadcast several successful live searches. It will notify thousands of people in the NYC area at once. The best of luck to you and your family.

    5. SK says:

      Anthony, in hopes that you see this, I’m passing on a second-hand report in case it helps –> a friend mentioned today that he had tried to help a woman get out of the street yesterday early afternoon, on the Riverside Drive service road at 100th street, in front of the Firefighters Monument. I had *just* read this post and showed it to him — when he saw the picture he said “yes that’s her.” She was wearing a blue dress with red and white, and was trying to stop cars to get them to give her money. She got upset with him and headed towards Broadway. I hope she is found soon and can get the care she needs.

    6. Karin says:

      I have nothing to offer but my best wish that she be found and returned to her family. I can only imagine what you must be going through.
      Luckily, most of the UWS neighbors are kind and concerned toward our homeless neighbors, so I am sure it is just a matter of time before she is found.

    7. Linda B says:

      Just about positive my husband and I saw her at Osteria Cotta last night between 9-10 while we were having dinner in the window seat. She wandered in and looked around. Smiling at everyone, but we both knew something didn’t seem right! Hope she’s okay. We are so sad that we didn’t see this before last night. Maybe let the local restaurants know too?

      • Anthony G Caggiano says:

        Linda B – Thabk you for this information. If you see her again, please contact me and/or the police on the flyer above.

      • Linda B says:

        Update to my earlier post. I was able to contact a very nice server who spoke to the management at Osteria Cotta.
        They have seen her before and are happy to have the info so they will know what to do if they see her again.

        Please try to get this post to as many local restaurants. With all of the outdoor cafes now.
        Lots more eyes on the streets.
        The upper west side is really a small town.

    8. Sally S says:

      There was a woman who looks like this photo spending the nights on the steps of the park side school at 48 W 74th street earlier this week. She had a hat on so its hard to be definite. If I see her there again during my evening dog walk I will let you know.

      • Anthony G Caggiano says:

        Sally S – Thank you for this information. If you able to get a picture an text to me at 484-947-4001, I would appreciate it. This will allow me to confirm that it is Christie. Contact me or local police should you see her again.

    9. s holly says:

      Anthony.. I am a fellow Pennsylvanian who lives in NYC

      For sure I will keep my eyes open.. I pray we find her soon. The UWS.. is a friendly place. We will all be on the look for her…

      Blessings for her safe return…

    10. Elizabeth says:

      I believe that the NYPD has a bloodhound so perhaps contacting them and sending an article of her clothing would help.

    11. SMB says:

      I saw her last night panhandling in front of the Starbucks on 74th and Broadway, getting shelter from the rain. She asked me for change and I took extra note of her because she looked well kept and taken care of. I didn’t know she was missing, I hope you find her soon. We will keep an eye out for her.

    12. Roni says:

      Hoping she is found safe and soon!

    13. Anthony G Caggiano says:

      Hi WSR Community – Many thanks for all of prayers and support.

      We have received calls for a few alleged sightings; however they proved not to be Christie.

      Should you see someone that you believe to be Christie, would you please send a picture to me via text at 484-947-4001 if at all possible? Not only will this help to confirm identity, but also this will afford any false alarm calls to the police.

      Thank You and God Bless You All!

      Anthony, Nick and Mike Caggiano

    14. Phoebe says:

      I am pretty sure I saw her an hour ago, passing by Cafe Luxembourg at 200 West 70th Street. She was walking toward the Hudson River, wearing a knee-length burgundy colored trench coat and I guess, a skirt.
      I looked at her and I didn’t smile bc I was shocked to recognize her. She met my eyes and smiled at me, with kind of a bemused expression on her face, like she was both glad I looked at her and glad I didn’t say anything. I hope she will be okay. The weather seems so much nicer tonight. She’s probably walking down by the river now.

    15. Wjk says:

      How nice to be an unwell person and have a family that is so understanding and above all so caring. I have cancer and have been living in my car in and about uws for 10 years, and my small family pretends I dont exist. They will surreptitiously make discrete inquiries to see if I’ve died.

      • Anthony Caggiano says:

        WJK – I was heartbroken when I read your post. I am so sorry to hear that your family has not been supportive of you. I pray that you and your family reconcile, heal and experience better days together.

        • Wjk says:

          Thanks Anthony- with so many having taken up your cause, I’m sure she will soon be found.

    16. Ciara says:

      Hi. I’ve seen a lady the last 2 days. She came to salon door, last 2 evenings. But she was with someone first day and was speaking French. Also lady I seen looks older then photo.

    17. Anthony Caggiano says:

      UPDATE: Hi All – In speaking with the PA police, we have been advised that you call 911 should you sight (and can verify) Christie immediately. Reason: This will not only provide urgency in getting her help, but also this will also that the right NYPD precinct is contacted. If you can get pictures to me at 484-947-4001, that is optimal. If pretty confident in your identification, then call 911. Thanks and God Bless You All!

      • Anthony G Caggiano says:

        UPDATE: Christie was allegedly seen at W 86th and Amsterdam this morning. A 911 call was placed; however she was gone by the time NYPD arrived. Shoud you see her, call 911 and stay on the line with them if she is walking. They will need to know exactly where to go. If she is not on the go, then best to call 911 and initiate some conversation until authorities arrive.

        I am putting together a search team and would appreciate any volunteers in the UWS who are willing to join. Meeting with a few folks tomorrow. Will follow up with more details.

        • LM says:

          Anthony – please do share details! I have been on the lookout during my daily walks around the neighborhood and continue to check here regularly for your updates.

    18. Anthony G Caggiano says:

      First and foremost, I must continually Thank You for your comments,, support and prayers. My family and I sincerely appreciate it..

      I spent Friday night and Saturday searching for Christie in the Upper West Side. Sadly, I did not find her. A few wonderful members of the UWS community and I met on Saturday. We are creating a website to centralize updates. We are also coordinating a volunteer search plan the weekend of September 10-12. We will post details and a sign up sheet on the website once it is up and running. Any time that you can give would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just to take some flyers and circulate on your own time.

      Also, several people have identified a women that has a green jacket, black pants (with white stripe on side of pant legs).While this person is of similar height and hair color, this is NOT Christie. I don’t know if I can add a picture to this comment; I will make sure that we post the picture to our web page for clarity.

      What has been reported (and seems to be most accurate description) is that Christie is wearing grey “parachute” pants (also been described as pajamas). Another description has been a person having a burgundy jacket and layers of clothing, including rubber bands with plastic wrap over shoes to keep them from getting wet.

      To reiterate, if you see someone that you believe to be Christie, please send a picture to me at 484-947-4001 if possible. If we cannot connect immediately to verify her identity, then best to call 911 right away. If she is walking/moving, then follow her and stay on the line with 911 dispatch until help arrives. If she is not on the move, then call 911 and engage her in casual conversation so that she does not leave.

      I will add the link to the web page as soon as possible. Thank you and God Bless You All!

      • Alyssa says:

        Does she like dogs? I’ve seen a woman look pretty similar to her in the thompkins sq dog park and walking around the easy village around 2 weekends ago. Wearing black leggings and a black top with a Nike hat on it

        • Anthony G Caggiano says:

          Christie loves dogs! Should you see her again, would you please take a picture and send it to me at 484-947-4001?