St. Agnes Branch of New York Public Library Reopening, With Almost All Services Available

By Carol Tannenhauser

Local readers will be happy to learn that the St. Agnes branch of the New York Public Library (NYPL), located at 444 Amsterdam Avenue between West 81st and West 82nd Streets, is reopening on Monday, July 26th. It will offer nearly full services, including general library use and seating, unlimited browsing, computer access (including laptop loan), and more, according to an email from Jennifer Zarr, the branch manager.

St. Agnes’ reopening comes nearly three weeks after the rest of the New York Public Library system, because “it was used by the City’s Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) as a learning lab to support local students during the pandemic,” Zarr explained.

“The New York Public Library began returning to full-service levels on July 6, and is resuming nearly all of its services (with the exception of in-person programming, which will come back slowly over the summer and into the fall.) Some safety precautions will remain in place, such as the wearing of masks inside the branch.” For more information about the reopening of the NYPL and COVID protocols, click on the NYPL website.

And for those who frequent the Bloomingdale’s branch of the NYPL, located on 100th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, see our coverage of the July 6th reopening of that newly renovated facility here.

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    1. Name says:

      Any word on the fabulous book sales they used to hold in the basement?

    2. Irv B. says:

      Hello, will the monthly book sales held in the basement resume also?

    3. Lisa says:

      Thank you NYPL for requiring masks inside branches :)))

    4. I don't get it says:

      How about if you wait patiently for them to get back to providing their primary services? Is anyone in a rush to spend time in a closely packed airless basement sorting through dusty books?

      • Vaccines prevent serious illness says:

        vaccinated people who get point that vaccines do their job preventing any serious illness

        • Zahrah says:

          ..and are those vaccinated people also wearing masks? Because you are vaccinated , does not mean you are not able to contract or spread Covid and the upcoming policies requiring only vaccinated people to wear masks are discriminatory because of that fact!

    5. Bob Lamm says:

      Great news. I went to that library branch as a boy. I’ve always tried to support it by donating books. Public libraries are a crucial part of our city.

    6. LivableCity says:

      I have been saving up some books to bring. Hooray! (Will call first, I know they don’t always take.)

    7. John E. says:

      Reading Is Fundamental!

    8. Mom of a Reader says:

      Thank GOODNESS! I stocked up on books on 3/13/20 figuring we wouldn’t be able to get back for a few weeks. Wouldn’t have believed if you told me we wouldn’t have a local library for over 16 months. It’s about time!

    9. Publilius says:

      The Bloemendaal branch of the library used to have comfortable club chairs, but now only two. The other “club chairs” today are hard wood covered by a grey material. [Readers should know that the N.Y.P.L. is not a public library, but a private library (Astor, Lenox, & Tilden Foundations) unlike the Queens & Brooklyn libraries which truly are public. Yet the NYPL gets tax exemptions, and receives funding from the City, State, and the Feds. Its president receives $812,000 yearly.]

      • Denise says:

        Your comfortable club chairs were also filthy. A public space needs furniture that is easier to keep clean.
        Libraries have evolved and are also about using computers and having more programs for kids. It can’t function as a living room space for large numbers of people. The furniture and design changes were intentional.

    10. JS says:

      BTW for purchase or donation of used books, the NYPL Webster Branch (York and 78th) has a used book store in the basement.
      Open Saturdays and I think 2 other days, staffed by friendly volunteers.
      See Book Cellar Facebook page.

      • Sure says:

        There are lots of places to buy and donate books. Webster library isn’t on the Upper West Side.

    11. Anne says:

      The photo shows lovely building facade, 100 years old style, with half arched windows, wall lamps, framed boards symmetrically placed on sides of entrance door, decorative metal fence, curved steps to doorway. Harmonious and pleasant.
      The rooftop ornaments, the letter ‘V’ in PVBLIC look neo-classic or roman empire.

      NYC libraries had renovations in many locations while Covid. Very efficient. But St.Agnes building facade should be preserved as long as possible.

    12. Sally RutsteinSacks says:

      I was a frequent visitor to St. Agnes during the early 1940’s — so convenient to P.S.9! Wonderful that it’s still going strong.

      • Anne says:

        During the early 1940’s??
        That’s during the second world war! Maybe before the U.S. participates the world war.
        That’s a whole different time in history, like another planet of Roosevelt. Now it’s been 80 years since then.

    13. Steevie says:

      It looks like their overnight book return chute is also available as of Wednesday, July 28th.