Goats Run to Glory In Front of Adoring Crowd

A goat howls at the sun (or whatever it is that goats do). Photo courtesy of Riverside Park Conservancy.

Country goats delighted the city crowd on Wednesday, as the second Running of the Goats took place in Riverside Park at 120th Street. Twenty-four of the animals ran through the park to the cheers of what appeared to be hundreds of onlookers. The crowd was remarkably large, the Times reported.

Carol Berkin, 78, went to the first Running of the Goats, back in 2019, and noted how extravagant this year’s event was in comparison.

“Last time there wasn’t an eighth of this,” Ms. Berkin said. “Now they had a band and they sold shirts and the fanny pack. It’s a nice thing, and New Yorkers are just great about nice things.”

Five goats will stay on to eat weeds and branches on a scraggly hill nearby in the park.

Check out some of the fun below:

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    1. Sarah says:

      Nice shot!

    2. MAD says:

      So Sweet!!! Get to work, goats. Chomp, chomp, chomp!

    3. Alex R says:

      Many, many thanks WSR for letting us know about this event! I was there and am still amazed at how much fun it was. It felt like a festival. This was only the second time they’ve had this event, and I’m fairly sure it will only become more and more popular each year, especially with families. Many thanks to Riverside Park Conservancy for turning something very simple into a lot of fun of the community.

    4. John says:

      If they could only fight crime.

    5. Goat Fan says:

      Better than Shakespeare in the park! Although this may be a new staging of Midsummer Night’s Dream with a very hungry cast.

    6. Scott Schaffer says:

      Are those actually goat noises in the background, or are those humans making fake goat sounds?

      • Goat Lady says:

        I wasn’t there but I can tell you from experience that those are not real goat noises.

    7. TravelgalNYC says:

      Love this! We loved visiting the goats last time. And love that Riverside Park Conservancy embraces an eco-friendly way to eradicate invasive weeds and plants. Kudos all around!

    8. Robin Rice says:

      That goat is not howling at the sun! He (she?) was bored with all the waiting around for the human celebrities to show up and stretched up to chomp on leaves on a tree.