Grand Bazaar Flea Market Reopens Sunday With New Restrictions; Here’s Who Will Be There

The Grand Bazaar market in the playground on Columbus Avenue between 76th and 77th Street has been closed since early in the pandemic, but this Sunday it will be back — with some changes.

The market raises funds for four local public schools. It normally has more than 160 vendors, with booths both in the playground and inside the school itself. But when it reopens the market will have about 80 booths and will not have any operations inside. In addition, everyone 2 years old and over will have to wear a mask (except in designated food-eating areas) and there will be hand sanitizers available at booths. It’s open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Here are some of the businesses that will be at Grand Bazaar:

– San Antonia’s Wood Fired Pizza (Food)
– Empanada Papa (Food)
– German Bratwurst (Food)
– Salted Baked Goods (Food)
– Latif Mecikukic (Handmade lamps and chandeliers)
– (Handmade Fashion)
– Suniq Brooklyn (Handmade Fashion)
– Harlem’s Heaven Hats (Handmade Fashion)
– Handprint NYC (Printed T-shirts)
– Lilac Anne (Handmade children’s wear)
– Hola! I’m Back (Hand-crafted from recycled materials)
– Ebatta Skincare (Bath & Body)
– Dragon Fly Photography & Ceramics (Handmade art and pottery)
– Anothai Hansen (Jewelry)
– Sole Designs (Jewelry)
– Stephanie Putter Jewelry
– Alphaville (Vintage housewares and collectibles)
– BUTTA (Vintage fashion)
– 22 Print Studio (Vintage fashion)
– Wavelength Antiques (Bluetooth enabled vintage radios)
– David Smernoff (Fine art dealer)
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    1. Juan says:

      Thanks for the update. Could you tell us which four local schools it raises funds for?

      • nyc musician says:

        From the Grand Bazaar website:
        The Parent Associations of P.S. 87, The Computer School, P.S. 334 Anderson School, and M.S. 247 Dual Language Middle School are the Grand Bazaar’s custodians.

    2. Keith Marder says:

      The pickle guy won’t be there? That’s a huge loss.

      • Megan HT says:

        I searched that list so quickly looking for the Pickle Guy. What a bummer that he won’t be there, I miss those pickles so much! I’ve started to trick my brain into thinking that the Fairway pickle barrels are as good as his, which we all know is not true!!

      • Brenda says:

        I’ve been suffering from pickled veg withdrawal

      • UWS-er says:

        It says there will be about 80 booths and only lists 21 of them, so it’s possible the pickle guy will be there.

    3. Brenda says:

      Best News!!!!!!!!!!

    4. PartyBoy says:

      Have to wear a mask outdoors? C’mon now. The CDC and NY no longer require this.

      • Meg Y says:

        If you’re vaccinated…which currently there is no way to know without asking for proof. So they have every right to be extra cautious for all people’s safety.

      • Jan says:

        whoever is in charge has superseded
        the CDC and doctors.
        stupid stuff.

      • WDR says:

        Correct, the CDC no longer requires it for vaccinated folks and NYC no longerinsists but businesses and organizations can make their own rules. New York is not a state with an anti-mask mandate. We should all feel free to choose to patronize a business or not based on our own needs. For some people that means only going to places that require masks indoors or outside and some people will only go to places that don’t require it. It’s great to have choices

      • Carmella Ombrella says:

        No, but good sense in a crowded venue does.
        And the Bazaar (aka flea market) gets pretty jammed up on a sunny Sunday.
        Party on, Boy, but keep yourself and others safer.

        • Party Boy says:

          I’m fully vaccinated and have been careful throughout this entire process, but thanks.

    5. Carnelian Knoll jewelry will be there this Sunday and all of June. Can’t wait to see y’all there.

    6. Adrian frons says:

      Can you sell your stuff outside of the flea market on west 77th street

    7. Paul Lanning says:

      Is the seemingly immovable hoarder still encamped with all his stuff at the east end of
      the playground?

    8. Doe says:

      Darnit, I had my heart set on Cousin’s lobster. Maybe later. Boy I hope. My Dad was a lobster fisherman and I can tell you they are the best. Sigh.

    9. Tanya W. says:

      Everyone go visit Handprint NYC, I have a few of their t-shirts and they’ve so clever and cool (and well-made)!

    10. Claire says:

      Any news on the Korean soups and kimchi that has been a major draw for crowds?

    11. Susan Epler, RN says:

      There is a long and beneficial history to this Flea Market. At least perhaps 40 years ago some parents had the idea to use the MS 44( at that time) unused playground
      and rent spaces to sellers. The funds were intended to be shared by MS44 and PS87 at that time. The funds were to be spent on “ enrichment for the kids at both schools. Fast forward to the present…. Smaller schools inside the 44 Building plus PS87. Funds are divided and still the intention is for enrichment activities on behalf
      of the kids. Thanks to the original parents who brought TRADITION to these public schools.

    12. JohnW80 says:

      Will not be attending whilst the ridiculous mask rule is in place. There is some serious PTSD therapy needed for many upper west siders.

      • RL says:

        OK, leave the flea market to everyone who is willing to respect others’ boundaries, comply with the science about outdoor transmission in crowded venues, and put up with the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask. Your loss.

        Does anyone know if there are any plans to bring street fairs back? I understand that they closed at a time last year when transmission wasn’t well understood, but now that restrictions are lifting and we know outdoor transmission is relatively low, are there any plans for them to return?

    13. Gena says:

      Pickle guy IS at schoolyard market!

    14. Keith Marder says:

      The pickle guy was there. I repeat. THW PICKLE GUY WAS THERE!!!!!