Photos: Central Park Bursting With Music and Movement

Jeff French Segall caught lots of happy moments in Central Park yesterday, as people gathered together or played music and enjoyed the warm weather and the return of some more normal spring rhythms after a a year-plus of Covid restrictions. Check out his photos and a video of a violinist playing Vivaldi.

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    1. ST says:

      Interesting how it is forgotten that some seek out the solace of the park for its nature and quiet from traffic sounds. No one seems to care about those folk. When will the Conservancy designate quiet zones now that the park is filled with wireless speakers?

      • Carol says:

        Good question! Seems like many see the park as a better place for their “look at me” stage than on the street somewhere. It is kinda hard to find a quiet spot, and I also enjoy quiet spots! Though I’m unsure how you designate that, as noises travel, but…… I get the question!

      • Katherine says:

        Every Sunday there is a group of a few dozen people that come to get drunk at Cherry Hill by the Bow bridge, it’s a full blown party with loud music, drums, weed, alcohol… you name it! The drums are so loud that buildings are shaking on UWS and it’s dangerous to be there on Sunday nights, as the party goes on for 5-6 hours and things get violent. Both Central Park and NYPD are completely ignoring this safety issue. NYPD Central Park have in fact been protecting these people making sure they can have their party. It’s disturbing that thousands of people can’t enjoy the park or their homes because of corrupt police. Cherry Hill is a designated quiet zone, no music is allowed there, but no one is interested in upholding the rules and regulations that were created to keep everyone safe and sane, not just select few. It’s a shame that public officials are not trying to make the city better, they are making it much worse than it needs to be.

    2. Lovely says:

      Lovely. Thanks for the photos.

    3. jean mensing says:


    4. Paulof NYC says:

      Hooray for NEW YORK CITY!

    5. Daniela Sciaky says:

      The violinist is amazing and the sound quality great. Thanks for the photos and the music!

    6. say-moi says:

      Oh my goodness what a lovely young lady. SO talented !!
      Bring the music back… Everything else is just ‘Noise’