Restaurant Updates: Saiguette, Porter House, Le Pain Quotidien, Mamoun’s, Spaghetti Tavern

We have some finger-licking good news: more Upper West Side restaurants are on their way back or offering new deals.

Saiguette, the Vietnamese restaurant on 106th Street and Columbus Avenue, is still closed. But its Yelp page is offering a  hopeful signal. It says that Saiguette will reopen on June 7. Tipster Stacy Pies also notes that Saiguette’s website has been updated, another sign of life.

Porter House, the steakhouse in the Shops at Columbus Circle, will be re-opening starting Friday, May 14th. Reservations are available now on opentable.

Le Pain Quotidien is replacing Maison Kayser at 76th and Broadway. Both companies had filed for bankruptcy last year and were acquired by the same company. We first reported that LPQ was coming a few months ago. Thanks to Joy and Loraine for the tip.

Mamoun’s Falafel turns 50 on Tuesday, May 11, and to celebrate the restaurant is offering a special deal: buy one falafel at regular price, get one falafel sandwich for 75 cents. The first 50 customers at each location also get a free t-shirt. The first UWS Mamoun’s recently opened at 508 Columbus Avenue (85th).

Spaghetti Tavern on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st is now a real tavern, having received its liquor license. So go walk like a cowboy down to the tavern and say hi to the moose.


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    1. RWC says:

      Saiguette was a terrific little hole in the wall shop with the most unexpected best banh mi in the city.
      I was a weekly regular. They had the sweetest woman working the counter who always remembered to give the luncheon discount if I forgot to ask .
      I’m so excited to see the new website and read they are working towards reopening.

    2. Anna says:

      Best Chicken Parmigiana at Spaghetti Tavern!

    3. Annie Bone says:

      Is Le Pain Quotidien in Central Park going to open soon?

      • upper west side girly says:

        I’m wondering the same thing…

      • G says:

        I was in Central Park yesterday, and they were scrubbing down the cafe tables. I think I overheard someone working there that it would open next week?

    4. Elisabeth Jakab says:


      • Lisa says:

        Agree with that!

      • Sarah says:

        It’s true. If we have to revive one of the bankrupt chains, I pick MK.

      • Josh says:

        Whoops, you may want to turn off CAPS LOCK or humans may mistake your benign comment for SCREAMING.

      • jezbel says:

        I lived in the building where Maison Keyser used to be. That place was breakfast coffee, fresh squeezed OJ & croissant heaven. I miss it so much. Also the winter dinner menu was terrific.

    5. Keith says:

      The Spaghetti Tavern has a whiskey selection that is pretty much second to none. Pricy. But they have some really hard-to-find stuff.

    6. Jacque says:

      Love love love Le Pain Quotidien. We need more organic, fresh food eateries that are working on sustainability. The best chicken soup, salads and wild caught salmon.

    7. Brett Mann says:

      You had me @ “…finger-licking good”. Then I read nothing about KFC coming back to our ‘hood.

      Please don’t even do that to me again.

    8. UWS foodie says:

      If Le Pain Quotidien carries the Maison Kayser baguettes, I will be a customer. Otherwise no reason to visit — mediocre food, high prices (based on a handful of visits in the U.S. and elsewhere).

      • dba says:

        Agree, especially the pull baguette (forget the name). And the pastries at LPQ don’t begin to compare to the ones at MK. Deeply disappointed.

    9. Karen E Dugan says:

      YESSSSS!!!! After loosing Saigon Grill many moons ago, Saiguette was my saving grace. When I saw it closed I was devastated. The possibility of it reopening is SO WONDERFUL. They have THE best food. LA SA GA is my go-to dish when I need comfort food.

    10. S says:

      I had the Mamoun’s. I was really disappointed. Way too much sauce, small portion. Not what I remember from E village.

      • Mark Moore says:

        Not a shock. They’ve gone corporate, they’re a chain now with restaurants in Georgia. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners sold out to a private equity firm years ago.

      • Boris says:

        Mamoun’s was never that good even at their original Village location. Mediocre taste and small portions.