New Zabar’s Shoes are as Fresh as the Rugelach (Which Are On the Shoes)

Zabar’s is known for savory delicacies, but one new item branded with the legendary grocer’s logo is not for tasting — unless you’re the kind of person who regularly puts their foot in their mouth.

In a collaboration with shoe company Vans, Zabar’s created slip-ons celebrating the store, with drawings of rugelach, cheese, bagels, coffee and black & white cookies.

“We chose orange and white, both as a reference to our traditional color scheme and because they are reminiscent of salmon on cream cheese!” Zabar’s said.

The shoes are meant to benefit a program called Foot the Bill where Vans sends money to local businesses. Three beneficiaries this time are Zabar’s, Nom Wah and Casa Magazines. Zabar’s plans to give money from sales to food banks and food rescue groups.

“We plan to use all proceeds from Foot the Bill to increase our support of local food banks and food rescue organizations,” the company said. Economic instability brought on by the pandemic means that an increasing number of people rely on these programs to put food on the table and we feel that supporting their efforts is more important now than ever.”

The shoes are $90. T-shirts they made are already sold out.

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    1. JULES says:

      HA HA

    2. Perry Gerber says:

      Zabars is awesome they have really good treats now they have shoes and donating to charity this is the best shop ever

    3. nemo paradiise says:

      Next: Harry’s starts selling lox and cream cheese.

    4. Leon says:

      Thank you to Zabar’s for being such a generous member of our community.

      And if you know anyone whose dog likes to eat their shoes, this is the perfect gift!

    5. Dana Robbins says:

      Now that Zabars is going into the fashion business, perhaps they can make men’s underware with a decorative pickle or bras with knishes?!
      All kidding aside, I love Zabars and think it’s a Mitzvah they’re helping support food banks!

    6. David says:

      Sole food! I can’t van-dle it.

    7. jms says:

      This are very cool, and I should probably buy a pair once immunity has kicked in and I win at Lotto. One issue, though: although I can see only just over half the shoe from the image above, I don’t spot Boylan soda. Could they really have omitted the Boylan? For me, a trip to Zabar’s isn’t complete without one, or sometimes two. Well, I suppose I could always pour my own; it does go well with rugelach, after all.

    8. Gar says:

      Will you be my ‘lox’ter (“lobster” a la Phoebe From ‘Friends’)? Zabar’s is such a New York treasure. Keep up the mensch work.

    9. Harold Mellin says:

      Beautiful and a very compassionate idea. I would love to try them on but I live in Florida so hopefully the shoes will be available when I next travel to New York

      • MaryC says:

        I don’t think they have any in the store. This is a website project where different NY businesses are featured on tshirts and sneakers to promote local businesses. The other businesses are probably using the money to pay their expenses. Obviously Zabar’s doesn’t need the money as they’re not a suffering restaurant so they are donating the proceeds.
        I’d rather buy $45 worth of food and donate 45 to the charity. The “proceeds” generated by these sneakers are probably much less than that.

    10. H says:

      Zabars and Vans seem like sole-mates!

    11. Bobby says:

      Stationery and Toy World hang gliders, please please please

    12. Dorothy Nicholls says:

      Can I buy a pair and have mailed to Canada?
      Missing our yearly visit to your city…..and Zabars

    13. ritaGazarik says:

      wonderful, this enterprise is the New York that I know and love. Cannot wait to buy the shoes for friends and family

    14. Shelley says:

      Where else but Zabars can you order a shmear and a shoe?

      • Jay says:


        What’s this Zabars you and so many others are going on about?

        I know where/what the the food and housewares store Zabar’s; it’s the place at 80th and Broadway that now sells shoes.

    15. Nancy Wadler says:

      I can’t wait to put my foot in my mouth!
      Perhaps embarrassing, but definitely worth it.

    16. BWC says:

      Za-barred me from making any more sole mate puns, but I’ll just say that getting those baked goods onto customs sneaks is quite a feet!

    17. buktiqq says:

      wow this shoes very good