Pupper West Side: Sherlock and Shuki Solve Neighborhood Mysteries Together

Reporter’s note: After many wonderful interviews with local pups, I wanted to share the bittersweet news that today’s edition of Pupper West Side will be the last. I am incredibly grateful to the West Side Rag’s loyal readers and to everyone who has participated in this series.

By Audrey Campbell

Names: Shakshuka (“Shuki”) and Sherlock

Age: 7 months old

Breed: Australian Labradoodles

Profile/history: [Shuki] We’re a pair of pandemic pups! Or perhaps it’s more appropriate to call us two hounds of the Baskervilles. That is, if the hound of the Baskervilles was less scary and much more… muppet-y. We were each brought home to separate families who both live on the Upper West Side. Our parents managed to find each other via Instagram and they realized that we were from the same litter. The day we reunited on the street, we both paused in disbelief and then RUSHED toward each other. What a surprise!

Daily routines: [Sherlock] I like to approach my mornings in a thoughtful, observant manner, often with a cup of tea. After my sister gets ready for school, Mum and I will head to Central Park for some birdwatching and clue-gathering while sitting on a quiet bench. [Shuki] Each day around 7:30am my parents will wake up to a “mooooooooooo” sound coming from my crate. [Sherlock] I say! That IS hauntingly mysterious! [Shuki] No, that’s just me telling them it’s time to get the day started. We’ll head to Central Park and meet up with some doggy friends – Beau and Bean and Penny – before heading back home for some work (them) and nap time (me). Every evening we’ll make an appearance at the Bull Moose Dog Run next to the American Museum of Natural History. But of course, the best days are the ones that Sherlock and I get to see each other.

Loves: [Sherlock] Elementary, my dear reporter. The answer is obvious – we love each other!

Don’t love: [Shuki] Cross country skiers are pretty unsettling, don’t you think? [Sherlock] Indubitably, my dear Shuki. I also recently had to pull out my magnifying glass to get a better look at a rolling suitcase. Quite suspicious, indeed.

Favorite store or business on the UWS: [Shuki] One of my favorite spots is Little Creatures on 87th and Columbus Avenue. Each visit ends with a treat! [Sherlock] My favorite place is The Strand bookstore. Is there anything better than the smell of new books? *Sniffs* I also like to visit the mystery section to find new stories by my hero, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Favorite treat: [Shuki] Boiled chicken from Kosher Marketplace! [Sherlock] My Mum buys special streak treats that make me go crazy. They taste like a British classic – steak and kidney pie!

Favorite park spot: [Shuki] Anywhere Sherlock is. [Sherlock] Quite right, Shuki, my boy. As long as there are grassy hills, crunchy leaves, or snow drifts for us to play and roll around in, everywhere in the park is my favorite spot!

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    1. KittyH says:

      We will feel deprived when this delightful and uplifting feature is no longer something we can look forward to each week. Is it possible this decision could be reversed?

      • West Sider says:

        We’re planning a new dog column, so you won’t be deprived of canine coverage. Stay tuned!

    2. Pupperwestsidefan says:

      So sad to hear no more pupper west side. Was by far my favorite part of the rag.

      Thank you for all the fun articles you wrote!