Starbucks to Close Multiple Stores on Sunday Out of Caution Over Possible Protests

Starbucks is closing multiple stores in Manhattan on Sunday, according to an employee and two customers who spoke to employees at different stores over the past two days.

The stores will be closed out of an abundance of caution as states throughout the country have braced for more protests following the riot at the Capitol last Wednesday. “I was just informed at my local Starbucks on 75th & Broadway by the baristas and manager, that ALL Starbucks locations south of 110th St. will be closed due to planned armed protests that might take place around the city, though no one knows where,” one tipster told us.

We received similar tips about the stores at 81st and Columbus and 88th and Broadway. The corporate office did not respond to a request for comment.

There have been warnings of potential protests in various states on Sunday, but reports about those warnings have not given specific information as to the locations of protests. In some states, capital buildings could be targeted. The NYPD is on alert in the days ahead of the inauguration.

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    1. Cordcutter says:

      It’s already started in downtown Brooklyn this evening and it’s been quite heated and tense.

    2. Joekam20 says:

      This is vague, unsubstantiated and alarmist.

      • Cato says:

        — “This is vague, unsubstantiated and alarmist.”

        Sort of like claims by those folk that the election was “stolen”, eh?

        • Art says:

          You’re talking about the 2016 election, right? 🙂

          • Josh says:

            @Art, two main differences in 2016. 1) in 2016 there was documented, corroborated evidence that Russia helped Trump win with fake news and social media posts and ads, rather than sore losers saying “there was no possible way that a president with the lowest approval ratings in history got fewer votes than his challenger, except if the election was rigged.” 2) since Trump did end up with more votes than Clinton in 2016, Clinto. Conceded the election, rather than urge her supporters to overthrow the legally elected government.

            Minor differences, of course…

        • FIGHT THE POWER says:

          No, not claims by those folk that the election was stolen. This is very vague and reports nothing but fear.
          I guess we forgot about the BLM looting down in SOHO.

          • Jon says:

            There’s no excuse for looting and vandalism — regardless of who the perpetrators are. When the vandals invade the US Capitol and seek to attack Congress, the stakes are much higher. Particularly when they are egged on by the president and the formerly sane former mayor of NYC. Hopefully, these unsubstantiated rumors will amount to nothing. I note that this ain’t Alabama. A bunch of armed thugs playing pretend soldier will not get a warm welcome from NYC residents.

        • Elaine H Toth says:

          It was kitty pink cat!

    3. Mark Moore says:

      Oooh are businesses going to board up their windows again.

    4. denton says:

      ARMED protests? I assume if this transpires the NYPD will be checking permits, at the least. And since no one will have one, (there is NO permit for open carry for ANY firearm in NYC) they will all be arrested.

    5. robert says:

      Pls also note that at our regular 24th precinct community meeting yesterday afternoon. Which was a public event.
      The precinct command made it clear that they were not aware of any actual threats to the city.

      • G.locke says:

        Surely not to Starbucks.
        But I understand that they would not want to support needy rioters with coffee and restrooms.

    6. Daisy Zeigen says:

      WSR was the only place this story appeared. It’s Sunday now so an update would be appreciated. Starbucks closed or was this a barista hoax?

    7. MotoD says:

      95th and Broadway was closed this morning

    8. BMF says:

      No ‘gentle’ treatment of armed instigators by NYPD should be tolerated! We will be watching.

    9. Elaine Archambeau says:

      I think drive thru is a good way to deliver continued service during the Pandemic.
      Thank you

      • Emma says:

        I think that most of us in NYC, Manhattan at least, do not Have cars; kind of a suburban suggestion. Second, sorry, this is a waste of gas just to fetch a cup of coffee and possibly endanger workers.

    10. Gloria J Roberts says:

      That’s messed up

    11. Dan V. says:

      Nothing like racist, uneducated, feeble-minded people protesting based on lies and misinformation and comparing their protests to those who protested police brutality and 400 years of racism.

    12. Starbucks Deprived says:

      Corroborating this — earlier today, I tried to order at Starbucks using their app, as I do every day, and the closest available location for pickup was in NORTH BERGEN, NJ! I also saw several closed locations on Broadway. I guess corporations must make their own choices to protect their employees, but I certainly hope there are no armed protests anytime soon.

    13. Dan says:

      This is utterly ridiculous

    14. Gretchen says:

      ABC-7 News just reported most Starbucks locations in Manhattan were closed today out of an abundance of caution, also to protect their employees who have to travel. They will all reopen tomorrow.

    15. Javiel Sepulveda says:

      We cannot give in to terror threats. If you take into account all the possible threats to our day to day existence. Storms, crime disease, fire, out of control cars,etc. You realize that our lives are under constant threat. I am tired of living in a box with my fears. Madness can overtake my mind, while I hide from the madness of others. Live your life to it’s fullest and defend your right to do so I refuse to be a prisoner because of people that belong in prison. This is true madness.

    16. The Store on 118 st and Frederick Douglass was also closed 🙁

    17. Starbucks Addict says:

      There were no protests on the UWS yesterday! I drink starbucks every day and I have withdrawal symptoms because they closed yesterday! This isn’t right!

    18. G.locke says:

      Today is also Holiday.
      Martin Luther King’s Day.

      We shall see if they reopen or if they take a longer Holiday … including Wednesday also this time.

    19. Marci says:

      Are the Starbucks closing for several days or just yesterday? Because I keep reading about potential protests through tomorrow and maybe beyond.

    20. Steven Barall says:

      Good for Starbucks. They have to think about the safety of their employees. I admire businesses that voluntarily shut down and lose income for the sake of doing something right.

      • MaryC says:

        Does anyone know if the employees were paid for the day? Of course they are not getting tip but hopefully at least the base pay. If they didn’t I’m not going to applaud how good they were to protect their employees.

      • JL says:

        Corporations were backing away from Trump and his supporters after 1/6/21. Starbucks was already a supporter of BLM. In addition to safety, it’s also symbolic to take away public bathrooms and expensive coffee from protesters.