Openings & Closings: New Animal Hospital, Lincoln Convenience, Santa Fe, Francesca’s

A new animal hospital is expected to open at 641 Amsterdam Avenue on the corner of 91st Street, the former home of candy store Chocolate Works, according to the Commercial Observer. “The vet — owned by Nicole Brilliant and Karen Heidgerd, former hospital administrator for Animal General — signed a 10-year lease for the 2,000 square foot space,” the Observer reported. It plans to open in six to eight months.

A new store called Lincoln Convenience is moving in to the old Poke Bowl space at 2047 Broadway bet 70th and 71st. There’s a CBD logo on the awning, along with snacks and organic products. Thanks to Daniel for the tip.

Southwestern restaurant Santa Fe at 73 West 71st Street is reopening after an extended closure and renovation. They initially had had trouble coming to terms with their landlord. “Great news — Sante Fe is almost done with their interior remodeling of the space, and will be reopening at the end of January, beginning of February,” tipster Sloman tells us. “I was informed this by a gentleman I believe to be the manager, who was unlocking the door to the restaurant as I was standing outside. I asked him if they were reopening, and his cheerful response was ‘Yes! Early February / late January.'”

Clothing store Francesca’s on 86th and Broadway is closing, according to the sign in its window. Thanks to Joeanna Sayler for the tip.

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    1. Ian says:

      I love Santa Fe! What a rare piece of good news from this “column”!

    2. Weird That Way says:

      That’s not the original address, though . . .

      • Mary McCorry says:

        No, it’s not the original address, which was on 67th Street, I believe, but Santa Fe has been at this address for probably 10 years or more.

    3. Mark Moore says:

      Please don’t let the convenience store be another one that has giant bongs in the window. Another one of these just opened on Amsterdam near 94th. Won’t shop in any of those.

    4. Amy F says:

      So happy Santa Fe is coming back!!!!!

    5. UWSmaven says:

      Pretty sure Santa Fe is on 71st St, next to Polpette…

    6. sg says:

      When we lived on the UWS Santa Fe was our favorite restaurant in the neighborhood…best margaritas in the city! Even though we’ve retired out of NYC, I was so sad to hear of its closing. So glad that Alex and team will be returning. BTW, I think they were on 71st, not 73rd.

    7. Craig s says:

      Did anyone really shop at Francescas??

    8. Steven says:

      Walked by West Side Restaurant diner on 69th & Broadway & saw it was totally dark & the place was pretty much cleaned out inside. The sign on the door said Closed Until Further Notice and had an address for the mail to be delivered to. Sad that another UWS restaurant bites the dust.

      • Joan Nagy says:

        West Side Restaurant has been my go-to spot for more than 40 years. When restaurants first closed to indoor dining, they closed entirely. They never made any attempt at either a delivery business or an outdoor structure. They reopened again, seeming with almost full staff, when restaurants opened to 25% capacity. I got something to go and there several table occupied. Seems as though they’ve decided it’s all or nothing. Fingers crossed they’ll be coming back. Haven’t found a better turkey club sandwich in all that time.

        • Young Sally says:

          They had my favorite chicken salad on the UWS….on toast…lettuce and maybe some bacon if I was feeling needy/greedy….

    9. Lauren says:

      So, so happy that Santa Fe is reopening! We live on 69th street near the original location and I used to say we would have simply starved if it weren’t for Santa Fe after the birth of my first child 26 years ago. My husband went almost nightly for pick up (and maybe a margarita at the bar??) and the maitre d’ would alway ask about the baby.

    10. GrafixUES says:

      I was so bummed out when I heard that Santa Fe had closed, now I am thrilled to hear of their reopening. I travel over from the east side to enjoy their guacamole and the fish tacos. Great friendly service, too.

    11. Phyllis says:

      Happy Santa Fe is opening again!

    12. Glen says:

      With the closing of Francesca’s, three of the four corner retail locations on W86/Broadway will be vacant. A situation impossible to fathom when I arrive here in 1963.

    13. Kate says:

      *Pokebab, not Poke Bowl

      I’m still bummed about it closing. The neighborhood could do with some more fast-casual little places to grab a bite.