Museum Unveils Origami Tree, and People Can Join Folding Workshops

The Museum of Natural History is continuing a holiday tradition of putting up a tree made entirely of folded origami. The theme this year is Cranes and Colors, and there are 1,000 colorful origami cranes, “presented as symbols of peace and good wishes as New York continues to endure the many challenges posed by COVID-19, and drawing inspiration from The Nature of Color special exhibition, which explores the role and power of color in the natural world.” They even have a how-to tutorial for folding a crane.

The tree is now on view at the museum in the Grand Gallery on the first floor. They’re still operating at 25% capacity. You have to sign up to attend in advance.

And on Wednesday, the museum will hold its first folding workshop.

Throughout the season, the Museum will also be hosting a series of virtual origami folding tutorials, with the first taking place on December 3 at 2 pm ET. Talo Kawasaki, one the Museum’s Origami Holiday Tree designers, will be teaching viewers how to fold a swimming koi fish. Additional sessions are taking place on December 8 and 15 with details to be announced on

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