‘Reckoning’ Art Exhibit Coming to Central Park

An art exhibit about climate change and politics is coming to Central Park this Saturday from 7 to 8 p.m.

Reckoning: An Installation on Political Power, Greed and the Climate Emergency will be shown outdoors in the Mineral Springs area of the Park just north of Sheep Meadow. It’s free and open to the public. Social distancing and masking will be observed. A previous attempt to show the work in Riverside Park was delayed because of the lack of a permit.

The project mixes sculpture and video and “dramatically depicts the fact that heedless greed and political malfeasance have brought us to the brink of an environmental catastrophe.”

Reckoning was created by Michael Stewart with the help of collaborators Michael Piazza, Nick Disney and Matt Bucy. For a brief preview of the artwork, check out the video below.

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    1. RWC says:

      I support the arts and culture and I’m a trained artist, one of the main reasons I continue love living in New York City the energy. At some other time it would be thrilling to see this on the huge screen in the middle of the park .
      Not now, there is unreliable compliance with mask wearing and social distancing in the dark in Central Park makes it that much harder.

      Yes, you can get COVID outdoors in Central Park that’s where I caught it in March talking to a couple of dog walking friends that were asymptomatic at the time.

    2. Atruth says:

      I don’t want to see Trump’s face, even as protest art. Be nice to see LESS of him not more.

    3. Mark Cohen says:

      I’ve seen this exhibit several times and its mesmerizing the way it juxtaposes Trumps face with natural images. I’d recommend anyone go see it.

    4. Kevin says:

      I saw this piece in Riverside Park; it is an eloquent commentary on the (literal) face of climate denial. Kudos to the artists for highlighting this subject and illustrating so vividly the sneering contempt for this topic by the current Administration. This could not be more relevant, here at our 11th Hour on the planet.

    5. Michael Stewart’s video Reckoning is as powerful visually as it is philosophically and politically as we all deal with the planet’s climate crisis.

      Michael is an imaginative sculptor who has nimbly adapted the viewing of his work to our outdoors parks, which in turn has helped to engage a wider art hungered audience. A must see.

    6. Leila says:

      I have seen this a few times, and it has been engrossing and mesmerizing each time. The wordless images voice what America seems to have a hard time saying. In the face of all this, how can 45 still ignore or deny this? A great example of art and protest.

    7. cfw says:

      This is an exceptionally powerful work of art with a strong political message. Anyone who cares about America and what is happening to our environment should really try to see it.