Photo of the Day: Hawk Watches Over the Rainy Neighborhood

Madeleine B. snapped the evocative shot above on the edge of Riverside Park on this rainy Wednesday.

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    1. Leslie says:

      Awesome photo!

    2. CrankyPants says:

      She watching things…like a hawk!

    3. chris says:

      Riverside Park Covers a lot of ground, is there any reason why they don’t give the cross street?

      • Michal says:

        It was on the balcony / overlook on the north side of the Soldiers and Sailors monument. I saw it there around 6:30 this morning and took some photos as well, but was afraid to get too close, so nothing as spectacular as this shot.

      • judd says:

        The photo is taken at about 112th Street, if i’m not mistaken.

    4. ST says:

      Seems like the Hawks of Central Park have flown the coop. Thus the pigeons are back. There are also innumerable hungry baby rats. Wonder why the Hawks deserted CP? We could use them back.

      • Lifer says:

        There are tons of Red Tails in CP. You can hear their calls all the time in and around the park. Pale Male’s progeny have just spread throughout the area now

    5. Betty Minor says:

      So nice to see this special sentry be recognized by such a talented photographer. Thank you Madeleine B. for sharing this.

    6. Leslie Rupert says:

      Beautiful shot. Thank you

    7. Shalom Stavsky says:

      Really good picture!

    8. Phil says:

      Last Saturday there was a red tailed hawk around 108th/Riverside Park.
      Animal Care & Control was there because the hawk had a foot that was injured.
      I don’t think hawks just hang out and if it’s foot is injured it has a hard time hunting and landing. Not good for a hawk.
      I hope this is not the same hawk but call ACC if you think it is…please!

    9. Shelley says:

      A classic UWS inhabitant: smart, watchful and beautiful!.

    10. marion says:

      Audubon had the right idea. not only do we luxuriate in nature’s unquenchable profusion, but emerging into nature refreshes our souls,and restores balance to our haphazard or kayonisqatsu lives. The privilege of ‘capturing’ this rgal bird is something, and the photographer often spends dozens of hours trying to capture even one such image. Bravo.

    11. Love this pic..thank you

    12. Danielle McCord says:

      Super photo!

    13. Peter V says:

      This is a Cooper’s Hawk

    14. Alice says:

      What a beautiful shot of our elegant friend! How far away were you taking this marvelous photo?

    15. Peggy says:

      A red-tailed hawk landed with a thwop on my window air conditioner, just a few feet from my desk, taking my breath away. So does this photo! It’s as if the hawk is “one of us.”