Amusement Park in Central Park May Shut Down for Good

Victorian Gardens, the amusement park that sets up inside Wollman Rink every summer, will not be able to open this year and may have to cease operations entirely, the company said in a statement on Monday. It has been around since 2003.

“Given the limited guidance and uncertainty surrounding when amusement parks will be permitted to open in New York State, we are saddened to announce that Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink in Central Park (Victorian Gardens) will not open for the 2020 Season and may cease its operations entirely,” Central Amusement International, the company that runs Victorian Gardens, said.

Central Amusement International had expected to open as part of Phase 4.

“Following the initial directives that amusement parks would be allowed to open in New York State during Phase 4 of the New York Forward plan, Victorian Gardens was prepared to open safely and responsibly with newly implemented COVID-19 protocols,” the company said. “Regretfully, since Victorian Gardens’ normal operating season is coming to a close and New York State has not provided a re-opening plan for amusement parks, we are not able to open this season.”

Photo by gigi_nyc.

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    1. HARLEM ANDO says:

      Loved this place. Sad to see it go, if it does.

    2. Covid Jones says:

      I, for one, was terrified that the wave of merry-go-round transmitted covid that has battered other states would eventually hit our shores. Thankfully, we have leaders who are following the science, and will protect us from all threats, great and small.


    3. NYC says:

      Isn’t this owned by Trump?

    4. #seeya says:

      Summer 2020 is different for sure. If they don’t want to come back next year, there will certainly be someone else waiting to take a prime spot. Nothing more then a pop-up carnival and not permanent rides so not hard to replace after the pandemic…

    5. Alta says:

      I miss when this was a rollerblading rink in the summer.

    6. chuck d says:

      That place was the exact opposite of a fun fair. They should make it a roller rink in the summer. Would get way more visitors and revenue. Of course, never underestimate a chance for the Trump organization to miss an opportunity.

    7. Annoyed says:

      Another punishment from Trump no doubt

    8. Carlos says:

      Not my favorite place in town but I think we went twice and enjoyed it – hopefully it will return in more normal times. It was ridiculously hot on warm days – no shade and all cement.

      I am fairly sure that Trump is not involved. He helped to restore Wolmman rink and had some kind of a marketing agreement so his name is there (which is enough to keep me away).


      So sad, its a true old fashioned park with safe, simple rides that thrill younger children. My grandchildren preferred it to Six Flags, Hershey and the like.