Corn Growing in Random Plant Bed on West 101st Street

Photos by Naomi Goldstein.

Backyard gardens have long flourished on the Upper West Side, growing small sprigs of basil, mint and other things to put in your mojito. We have even seen melons growing in a bike lane median.

But in these strange times, one local took things quite a bit further.

Someone has apparently been growing corn in a plant bed on 101st Street between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive. The sign on it appears to say “please no walk.” But the gardener shoudl be worried about another potential problem, particularly given it’s not fenced off.

“I was walking my dog and lucky he didn’t pee on the harvest!” wrote Naomi Goldstein who took the photos.

Corny, but true.

(We hear the garden is maintained by a man in his 50s or 60s. If you know the person, we’d love to talk to them. Reach out at westsiderag at gmail!)

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    1. Rum Ham says:

      This has all the hallmarks of being done by Charlie from ASiP. 😉

    2. HeyDayveyy! says:

      Got to get me some of that good-ole-rent-stabilized-always-voting-in-the-same-candidates-year-after-year-Democratic-voting-wealthy-country-house-living-liberal-sidewalk-grown-super-tasty-genuine-organic Upper West Side Corn!

    3. Alan says:

      From my experience, the squirrels or woes yet the rats will harvest this corn. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea.

    4. Randall Williams says:

      Once the ears are on the stalks, I don’t want to meet the dog that could pee on them.

    5. Em says:

      This is no surprise. There have been corn plants growing each year on various blocks in the low 100s on the West Side.

    6. Che says:

      The Rag is absolutely precious, it’s helping to make our community a vibrant one, especially in times like these when we all don’t see one another much.

    7. biffmeister says:

      Growing corn on a Manhattan street is ridiculous. It’s an eyesore and hopefully was blown away by the storm. And welcome Rachel Maddow fans.

    8. Julia says:

      I grew up in a suburb of Seattle. One summer my sister and I were doing rice through pea shooters and we wound up with a paddy in our front yard.

    9. Liz says:

      If you look closely, you’ll find a lot growing on the UWS. In a corner of a tree well on my street, there is a supply of basil and mint. Too healthy for rats?