Openings: Another Friedmans, Bronx Ice, and Le Pain Quotidien Comes Back from the Dead

Friedmans, the tasty all-day diner that opened in 2018 on 72nd Street, is planning a new restaurant on 61st and West End Avenue, according to Scott, who sent the photo above. See the full menu here.

And a new company called Bronx Ice is opening at 782 Amsterdam Avenue (98th Street) on August 3. The first 100 customers that day will get a free tasting. The owner tells us they don’t use high fructose corn syrup and they’ve got some fun flavors, like “Slick Rick” a Cherry Lime combo, “Bronx Riviera” a Watermelon Lime Combo and “The Bomb, Pop,” a Strawberry-Blueberry-Lemon swirl.

Le Pain Quotidien closed all of its stores amid the pandemic and then the Belgian company’s U.S. operations declared bankruptcy in May. But then the company then sold its stores to New York-based food business Aurify for $3 million. And as of this week, it looks like at least one location is on its way back. The spot at 60 West 65th was preparing to open as of Wednesday morning, as seen in the photo above. Thanks to our tipsters.

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    1. Leon says:

      With so many businesses closing, it is nice to hear about some openings. I am a fan of the existing Friedman’s. Good luck to them all!

    2. Deb says:

      I live nearby and I’m happy to report they are back.

    3. Cat says:

      So is Bronx Ice ices, like Italian ice, or is it ice cream cones, or frozen yogurt, or what is it?

      • Abdul Sayeed says:

        I know this will cause lines, but I tried their ices a couple of weeks ago — experimental ad hoc opening? —
        and they were really good!
        Nothing like a twenty block walk in the heat and then an ice!
        Of course, the street vendor ices are always good too!
        Come to think of it, ANY ICE is good now!
        Time for a gin and tonic…

        • Gene Miller says:

          Thanks for the great review. I’m the owner. The main difference between and why we think people will go on that 20 block walk and more for ours, is that ours is not made from Syrups and Corn syrup. We only use real fruit and natural ingredients. We pay homage to those carts though. One of our flavors is Coco, Coco. They way I heard coconut from street vendors my whole life. Thanks again and Monday you can get a free one.

      • Bronx Ice Co., sells “The Original Craft Italian Ice” and Bronx Ice Lemonade a slushie type of all natural drink. We also may carry some other craft items from around the city. We invite you to stop by Monday to try a free one.

    4. Sheila Wolk says:

      I am not one for knit-picking but I have to tell you that I HATE YOUR TITLE to post here…
      Please…here in USA we buried 153,447 people who DIED from corona….WOULD YOU BRING THEM BACK FROM THE DEAD INSTEAD?


      • Mark R says:

        Would you relax? Offense patrols such as yours have sent us all careening down a slippery slope of sanitized and neutered language. Should we all stop writing and speaking because every word we say is practically guaranteed to offend someone?

        Yes, people died, and many more will die before this virus becomes a footnote of history. But many people die every year due to other causes, not any less tragic than this virus. Should we force the Grateful Dead to rename themselves forthwith because we’re not grateful for death having taken someone we love? Surely the dead themselves cannot be grateful.

        Here’s some friendly advice: if you don’t learn how to slow down and enjoy life, you’ll end up looking back and regretting all the moments when you behaved like a clenched up ball of negative energy. Chill a little – it’s hot enough already, if I’m being perfectly honest. You’ll do yourself and others a favor.

      • lmm says:

        I’m not one for “knit-picking” either but it’s nitpicking.

      • EGF says:

        In the words of our beloved and greatly missed Prince, “Oh, Oh Sheila!”

        In my words, “Get a grip!”

        • Jamie Starr says:

          “Oh Sheila” isn’t a Prince song. It’s by Ready for the World. He wasn’t involved. It definitely has the Minneapolis Sound he made famous, though.

    5. Janis says:

      My husband and I ate at Friedman’s for the first time, after having blood work done down the street. Since we had to fast since midnight, and couldn’t get the procedure done until 10, you can imagine how famished we were by the time we got there.
      The waitstaff was fantastic, everything was disinfected before we sat down, my husband had breakfast, I had lunch and the food was plentiful and delicious.
      If they open another, after their West End Avenue location, I hope it’s in the 90’s.

    6. Hugh Van Dusen says:

      How about thePain Quotidienin Central Park at about 67thSt?

    7. Janis says:

      It’s always wonderful to hear of restaurants reopening and new restaurants opening in our neighborhoods.

      Does anyone have any information as to whether a restauranteur is interested in the old Gabriella’s location on Columbus between 93rd & 94th?

      It’s a wonderful spot, and quite large venue with a good size outdoor patio.

      I’d love to know if WSR readers had input as to what kind of restaurant they’d like to see added to the neighborhood, what it might be.

    8. Janice says:

      Looking forward to Bronx Ice!! Went to their website and the flavors look great.

    9. Jeff says:

      In addition to this good news, I’ll add that crews have already been hard at work gutting the old Fine & Schapiro space (RIP) to make way for Pastrami Queen (which, tbh, I’m excited about even though I haven’t eaten meat in 18 months).

      Also, it seems like much of the work is complete at the upcoming Shinbashi 72 between Broadway and West End. Crews were moving in large appliances/equipment recently and the old West Side Cafe signage has been removed.

    10. Sue says:

      Nice to hear about re-openings and revivals.

    11. Fjl says:

      Wish that Katz’s would open an UWS branch.

    12. Craig S says:

      Friedman’s is the Best. Wish they would open in the old Arties Deli space.

      • BILL says:

        they took down the sidewalk space from Arties

      • I Eat, Therefore I am says:

        YES! Friedman’s on W.72nd IS great…pleasant staff, excellent food, etc.
        And now: Friedman’s at W. 61st/West End, near attraction…the new Morton Williams supermarket.
        Foodie heaven!

    13. Steven Barall says:

      There are a lot of opportunities out there for entrepreneurs.

    14. Buddy Revell says:

      I would love a Westville up here. I’m sure some people would complain about a $15 sandwich because they can “make it cheaper at home” though.

    15. NYYgirl says:

      Confused…Bronx Ice sounds so awesome, especially in this heat! But is Broadway Pest Extermination gone?

    16. Broadway says:

      Does anyone know why Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ on Amsterdam & 90th closed? It was pre-Covid, after weeks of booming business.

      • Seriously says:

        They had some problems with tbe grill equipment or ventilation. The original opening was delayed by months (a year?) And then they shut down pretty soon afterward.
        It’s an international chain that will probably cut its losses and move on. It’s all about group dining and with no projected dae for indoor dining, I don’t see a future for them here

    17. steve says:

      rumor that Best Buy is coming to 86th and Broadway.

    18. Tara Black says:

      Love Friedmans. Is the one at 118th ever coming back?

      • Jonah says:

        Hi -yes we are planning to open our location at 118th in the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience as we put the pieces back together.
        See you soon

    19. Julie says:

      Yay LPQ! So glad to here and I’ll be there!