Amsterdam Avenue Restaurant Closes for Good Because the Space Made Social Distancing Too Difficult

The Ellington, a neighborhood bar and restaurant at 936 Amsterdam Avenue and 106th Street, has closed for good, with a for rent sign on the door. “Sadly, it’s just too small for social distancing to work,” the restaurant told us via Instagram.

The Ellington’s owners will continue operating their outdoor cafe inside Riverside Park around 106th Street, and are moving forward with plans to open a new restaurant in the former home of Henry’s at 2745 Broadway, between 105th and 106th Streets.

Fans of The Ellington will be glad to hear that the new spot will have a similar menu, and have substantially more space. We last reported on the new spot here.

Thanks to Judy and Daniel for the tips. If you notice other opening and closings, let us know at westsiderag at gmail.

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    1. UWSer says:

      Ah, what a shame. I went for dinner on occasion and the food was good. But what I’ll really miss is the bar, which was a great place to settle in to watch a game or read a book.

    2. DanR says:

      The bar right next door to them DIVE 106 is my other favorite spot both for food and amazing beer selection! 🙂

    3. Susan says:

      the one time I had brunch there it was overpriced and not really great. I hope they do better at the new site…..the place in the Park is also a bit pricey (I was there just last week…..) but I shrug as the reason for going is the ambiance not the food.. I wish them well.

    4. Cyrus says:

      They announced they were planning on closing this location last Fall. Not clear why this is news

    5. Glen says:

      NY Brat factory, diagonally across the street from The Elligton has also closed and the “For Rent” signs are in the windows.

      Any word on Victoria’s Secret in the west 80s? It has been boarded up since early June and now artists have been decorating the plywood. That leaves an entire line of vacant/inactive store fronts on the west side of B’way between 84th and 85th Streets. (Baked by Melissa still has its signs up, but no evidence of activity inside).

      • Mark Moore says:

        NY Brat Factory was doomed from the start. I’m pretty sure they closed before all this coronavirus stuff. What a boondoggle.

    6. Lynn says:

      I’m getting so sick of the thoughtless negative comments. The fact that Ellingtons is opening up at the old Henry’s spot is cause for celebration. It’s a great space, at least they are committed to opening there. There are many of us very excited and can’t wait to go there for a meal.

    7. GlafdysBrkex says:

      Little pricey, Mostly bar food.
      Not much of a menu.
      Was not satisfied with the food.
      I hope the food is better at her new place.

    8. GAM says:

      They also are the group/owners who have the lease for the old Henry’s/ Boulevard on BW & 105.
      Perhaps that is why.

    9. Joan Paylo says:

      Many, many times this summer, I’ve wished that the gran space of Henry’s were open. I hope we don’t have to wait much longer.

    10. QL says:

      So sad.

    11. Kate Addieg says:

      How great that they’re moving to Henry’s former space!!

    12. Christian says:

      Henry’s used to be Birdland many years ago. It will be nice to see another “jazz” name back in there.

    13. Lisa Dryman-Rice says:

      I lived on 75th between Columbus and CPW 1978-80. In that area were Ruelle’s, a two story boutique and coffee house, Cherry Restaurant, a coffee shop owned by a Japanese couple, and a steakhouse on the NW corner of 75th and Columbus. Does anyone remember the name of the steakhouse? Ever had coffee and dessert at Ruelle’s? Researching for a book.