Monday Bulletin: Remote Learning Option in the Fall, Suspected Child-Slasher Arrested, Home Renovation Pandemic Style

Photo by Roberta.

July 6, 2020 Weather: Some rain expected, with a high of 92 degrees.

Our calendar is full of events you can enjoy from home.

A reader found a gold bracelet a couple weeks ago in Riverside Park in the high 70s/low 80s. If it’s yours let us know and we’ll put you in touch.

New York City public school families can opt for full-time remote learning for their children in the fall, with no medical requirements, Mayor de Blasio said, at a press conference on Thursday. “Allowing a full-time remote option is welcome news for families who are nervous about sending students back to buildings…” Chalkbeat observed. “But it could also exacerbate inequalities already rampant in the public school system, with more affluent families hiring tutors or otherwise supplementing schoolwork for children remaining home.” The NYC reopening proposal is due in a few weeks and must be approved by the state. Governor Cuomo has not committed to opening the schools at all.

Police have arrested the man suspected of slashing a two-year-old boy above his eye during a bizarre interaction on 110th Street and Morningside Drive on Wednesday. “(The man) seemed friendly when he approached the boy and his 46-year-old babysitter, and acted as if he wanted to play with the child,” the Daily News reported. “But when the babysitter turned away, (he) slashed the tot just above his right eye and ran off.”

Home renovations have always taken a long time, but wait until you undertake them during a pandemic. “Full speed ahead” doesn’t mean what it used to, a contractor told The New York Times, and true to form, the Upper West Side has its share of regulations and roadblocks. “A Covid-19 rider to the standard alteration agreement issued by an Upper West Side co-op has two dozen provisions, among them, an addendum that allows for modification of the project schedule ‘taking into consideration that other occupants are working and/or schooling from home.’” Contractors must notify the building when they leave, so elevators can be cleaned.

Summer day camps are in limbo as there have been delays in city approvals, The City news site reported last week. “Some 228 day camp applications are pending before the city’s Health Department, the agency charged with making sure they are safe and up to code. Another 145 applications have already been approved, according to city records…Staffers at the agency use the application to make sure the proposed locations meet all health code requirements, including a safe and well-maintained facility. The review also ensures there’s an appropriate staff-to-child ratio and proper plans in place in case of an emergency.”

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    1. Juan says:

      I think the same “artist” shown in the picture above who drew on L’Occitane also drew on the Victoria’s Secret at 85th and Broadway. The gentleman who lives in front of the Victoria’s Secret who constantly exposes himself seems to still be residing there so I guess he moved while the artist was working. Unless he is the artist? Tis a puzzlement.

      • abc says:

        Uh yeah… that’s Street artist Mitchell Schorr. He has been doing the race cars with ice cream truck all over NYC for at least the last 5 years.

    2. EGF says:

      Just curious if the artist needs to get permission to do this. It is still private property and just because it is deemed art doesn’t make it legal or ethical to do this without permission.

      • nyc10023 says:

        @EGF perhaps you should file a complaint with the police dept. so he’s arrested for his illegal activities since you’re so concerned.

        • EGF says:

          @nyc10023 – Thanks for your response which by the way did not answer my question. I merely asked a question yet for some reason it clearly got your back up over my apparent “concern”. I said nothing about whether I agreed with it or not. Maybe I even enjoy it but I still have the right to ask whether or not the owner gave permission. I’d like to know! Save your nasty and sarcastic responses for the trolls please.

      • lynn says:

        I’d rather look at the artwork than a boarded up building, but in any case it’s unlikely this person will ever be arrested. I finally contacted 311 to report the group of homeless men living in the space between City Vet and Gebhard’s (since May), and they were moved one store down and are now neatly encamped directly in front of Linda Rosenthal’s office. There are so many belongings lined up that I honesty thought it was a ‘stoop sale.’ Imagine my surprise when Tie-Dye-Guy ran up to me screaming along to Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell blasting from his radio. Funny but not funny.

    3. John says:

      Not a fan of his art when will he be arrested?

      • This Is Not a Police State says:

        ARRESTED! 😳
        For WHAT ?
        For trying to BEAUTIFY ugly plywood that is NO LONGER NECESSARY because:
        1. the mass protests have basically ENDED; and
        2. either Occitane or the landlord has not bothered to remove the plywood?
        The street artist should be applauded for using his own art supplies to cheer us.

    4. Glen says:

      The race car “art” on the plywood at Victoria’s Secret was painted over yesterday. It’s still on the plywood over the old Aldo Shoe store. He also drew the same elementary school calibre images on much of the plywood on Madison Ave. In its defense, it is colorful and an improvement over the usual “tagging” that is spreading out over the UWS. But I would prefer the plywood be down altogether, even if it is just the glass windows of an empty store underneath.

    5. Not quite sure says:

      Dudes race car tags have been going on for years. Completely uninspired and drippy work. Needs to try harder get some new plutonium caps or stop trying. 2 out of 10 stars, not worth the effort.

    6. JB says:


      I’m replying to the posting about a bracelet found in Riverside Park. The posting is a dream come true; I thought the bracelet was gone. i’m wowed that someone contacted WSR to try to get the bracelet back to its owner!

      I lost a gold bracelet on Father’s Day while out on a bike ride through Riverside Park. The bracelet has a great deal of meaning to me and I’m sure I can identify the bracelet from its clasp.

      Look forward to hearing back.