Remnants of ‘Fireworks Party’ Found in Riverside Park as the Show Goes On; Mayor Announces Extended July 4 Celebration

Photos courtesy of Jen Chung/Gothamist from Riverside Park South.

Fireworks continue to blast over the Upper West Side and elsewhere in the city, and on Monday it became clear where one big gathering took place. Riverside Park in the low 60s was covered in fireworks-related debris and garbage from a barbeque.

The blasts have been a steady presence in the city for at least two weeks, with residents complaining that authorities have done little to stop the nightly racket.

Residents throughout the neighborhood reported more blasts on Monday night too, including a doozy in the West 80s. One woman sent us the video below from 88th between Columbus and Amsterdam.

“First fireworks started in the kid playground on 88th street, between Amsterdam and Columbus and then another one, the one we can see in the video was from the open space next to Glenn Gardens, just behind the D is for Doggy daycare place,” tipster Marina wrote.

Mayor de Blasio said on Tuesday that a new NYPD and FDNY task force would crack down on suppliers of fireworks. And he said that the annual July 4 fireworks celebration would be spread out, with smaller celebrations in the boroughs from Monday through Wednesday, culminating in a televised display on the 4th from the Empire State Building. (Why are we getting more days of fireworks when most people are tired of them?)

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    1. Walker says:

      Did the barbeque party people leave the BBQ, the table and the food behind (along with their garbage)?

      • jsv says:

        It’s really strange to leave a table behind. Maybe they all got sick and fell into the river? One can hope.

    2. Upperwestsideguy says:

      The Mayor and the Police simply do not care. It is city wide.

    3. uws lifer says:

      This will eventually fizzle out just like coronavirus is doing.
      I know that readers of the WSR always believe the sky is falling but at least try to keep calm and carry on.

      • RichardN says:

        Don’t be a covidiot. Coronavirus is NOT fizzling out. We won’t be safe until there is a vaccine. Until then, keep to the protocol.

        • Wijmlet says:

          Yes, Richard N!

        • uws lifer says:

          There has never, ever been an effective vaccine for a corona type virus. People have been working for decades trying to cure the common cold (which is a corona virus). Don’t hold your breath for one to appear anytime soon and if you are waiting for a vaccine you’re pprobably going to have to hide under your bed for a loooong time.

          Please have a look at the NYC stats and start using facts rather than fear.

          • Josh says:

            The common cold is not a single virus, which is why we cant make a vaccine. SARS-COV-2 is. Get YOUR facts straight.

      • Jo Silverman says:

        Tell that to the Highbridge family. Just think how that could have gone.

    4. Come on! says:

      It is outrageous that the bbq-ers left behind a mess! I saw them on Sunday night and tried to look the other way on account of cultural differences. Loud music, gatherings way over 10 people, bbq… leaving the trash behind is a slap in the face after all those violations

      • lynn says:

        My friend and his 10 year old daughter were driving through an intersection yesterday when a young man threw an open bag of garbage at the passenger side window, and then proceeded to scream obscenities at my friend and dare him to do something about it. He didn’t call the police because he was worried about making things worse. The daughter’s natural inclination (already!) was to grab the phone off the console and record the whole thing. Disturbing situation in both cases.

      • Walker says:

        So who gets to tell these revelers not to bbq, use fireworks, play loud music and congregate in the park?

    5. jsv says:

      People like this make the world a worse place.

    6. Jen says:

      Cultural differences…. They can’t be arrested for this, but you can, and also lose your job and harassed for making a call describing this disgrace.

    7. MQue says:

      Just like the fireworks leaving a mess like that clearly shows no respect of appreciation for the neighborhood

    8. E. Z. Peezy says:

      So BdB plans to go after the suppliers?
      Another of his ‘bass-ackward’ ideas.
      The suppliers will argue that the fireworks are for their personal use only.
      But get the NYPD to FIND and ARREST-IN-THE-ACT those setting-off the sleep-destroying blasts (charges: public nuisance, quality-of-life, fire hazard, etc.).
      AND make it clear that the officers catching the perps will NOT take the fall if there’s any violence during those arrests.

    9. UWS duh says:

      So…anyone actually talk with the folks setting off the fireworks? Instead of assuming and making up reasons, why don’t we just ask?

      • lynn says:

        Making up reasons for what? I’m sure everyone here would be quite pleased if you were to walk over there and speak to them about their reasons for doing this. Please report back to us. 🙂

    10. JR says:

      Slobs! Really disgraceful. This beautiful part of the Park will be ruined if this becomes a BBQ destination.

    11. Joey says:

      The Anti Crime Team was looking for bigger fish to fry.
      Oh that was disbanded!
      400% increase in shootings last week!
      We’ve reached the ’80s.
      Are we ready for broken windows policing that was real community policing.

    12. Ellen says:

      Disgusting pigs. They make it worse for everyone else.

    13. say-moi says:

      The garbage left behind.. What’s that about? Horrendous. Won’t be long before we’ll become like a third world country.

    14. Resident says:

      Walked by and saw this too. They were dozens if not at least 100 people. Some smoking weed, playing loud music, drinking in public. Can see same spot from my unit and saw them blowing up fireworks until 11pm.

      This spot between 59th and 60th has become the go to spot for illegal bbqs. Only matter of time before we see violence here across from waterline square.

    15. steve says:

      In answer to your last sentence, it’s because we have a clueless buffoon as mayor. That’s been plainly clear for a while