Reopenings: Bin 71, Manhattan Valley, Masseria Dei Vini, Thai 72, Cafe du Soleil, Owl’s Tail, Angaar

More restaurants reopening for pickup and delivery. Photograph by Joeanna Sayler.

By Carol Tannenhauser

We started posting restaurant reopenings for our readers, but soon realized the posts were even more important to the restaurants, which depend on takeout and delivery business now to pay their expenses until the lockdown ends. So, you can consider ordering in or picking up food (if you’re able) as an investment in the neighborhood, and not just a gastronomic delight, but a good deed!

The selection is wide. We announced many prior reopenings here, here, here, and here. Following are seven more. If you know of others, please note them in the comments. We’ll track down the details and feature them in the next Reopenings.

Open after 6 weeks.

Bin 71, Italian/wine bar, 237 Columbus Avenue (71st Street). “We are so happy to announce our reopening this Saturday, May 2, 2020, after being closed for 6 weeks. We will be doing takeout/to go and very limited delivery. To place your takeout orders: a) order online:; give us a call 212.362.5446; or c) you can swing by! Wednesday-Friday 2:30pm-8:30pm/Saturday & Sunday 2:00pm-8:30pm/Monday & Tuesday Closed. A 2020 Michelin Guide Restaurant. (212) 362-5446

Manhattan Valley, Indian, 2636 Broadway (100th). Owner Bhupinder Kumar told us he reopened last Saturday and was happy to report, “We’re doing very good.” They’re offering everything on the menu, and are open every day from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (212) 222-9227

Masseria Dei Vini, Italian, 887 9th Avenue (57th-58th), reopened last Tuesday for pickup and delivery, 7 days a week, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. “We are serving all your Italian favorites, homemade pasta, fresh sauce, real Neapolitan-style pizza, and, most importantly, a nice selection of wines.” Call (212) 315-2888, or order online with Grubhub.”

Thai 72, Thai, 128 W. 72nd (Amsterdam and Columbus), reopened last week for takeout and delivery, 7 days, 11:30 a.m. till 4 p.m., close for an hour, and reopen at 5 p.m. till 8:45 p.m. May, an essential worker, said, “It’s slow, but we cannot just close. We are trying to support the neighborhood.” Tipster Lauren Goldenkranz wrote, “I called directly for delivery and had my food within 20-25 minutes.” (212) 496-6153

Cafe du Soleil, French, 2723 Broadway (104-105), will be reopening next Friday, May 8th. “We’ll be offering a limited menu of our favorite dishes and French country specialties, such as Coq au Vin, Hachis Parmentier, and the like, and will additionally include a curated selection of delectable cocktails (Max to the rescue!) and bottles of wine.” 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Delivery from 86th to 125th, Riverside Drive to CPW.  (212) 316-5000

Here are two we heard are open, but couldn’t reach. Phone numbers included. Let us know!

Owl’s TailInventive cocktails & global small plates, 215 West 75 (Amsterdam and Broadway), (646) 609-3906. Thanks to Joeanna Saylor.

Angaar, Indian, 283 Columbus Avenue (73rd), (212) 393-4040

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    1. Fred Rosenberg says:

      When did Fairway and Citerella switch places? (Just pointing out that the picture is backwards)!

    2. Bob Lamm says:

      Yes, these notices of reopenings are extremely valuable for readers like myself. But, as you’ve said, they’re even more important for restaurants. At this very difficult time, it’s great service to them to let people know that they have reopened.

    3. Christine says:

      Ellington in the Park — just saw this morning that they are prepping to open! Yeah!!!

    4. Warren says:

      After reading about them here, In the last couple of days, i ordered from Tacombi and La Sirene. While out walking, I just saw that my beloved Sido on Columbus is set to reopen next week. Keep posting!

    5. ChantieNYC says:

      Pisticci, The Craftsman, and The Expat in Morningside Heights near Columbia are all now open for takeout and/or delivery for food and cocktails.

    6. Leo says:

      May 2:Time Out on 83rd seems to be having a mask-optional block party this afternoon. Near 2 dozen folks drinking in front of the bar, crowding the corner while the bar blasts out Guns N Roses. Is there a reason for this? A recourse?

    7. Annie Ruddy says:

      Thai Market at 107th and Amsterdam reopened this week. Wed-Sun for dinner only.

    8. LR93 says:

      Vino Levantino (on 94th) also reopened for delivery & take-away!

    9. Lisa says:

      Lenwich on Columbus Ave btw 83rd and 82nd is open as of today.!

    10. Kim says:

      Dive 106 open on sat and sun!

    11. Catherine says:

      Sala Thai opening on Monday 5/4!

    12. Super confused on the UWS says:

      I went into one of my Fav restaurants last night for pickup. Thrilled because I LOVE this place. The guy in the front was wearing a mask & gloves, so I felt safe. But while I waited for the food could see the kitchen through the open windows on the kitchen door. 4 men back in the kitchen making the food & NOT 1 of them had on a mask. I made a comment to the manager with the mask, he said they all had masks on back there, I pointed it out, he just kind of shrugged his shoulders & that was it, I could not eat the food. I sadly will not go back there. THIS is how things will start to get worse again with rising numbers. People going back to work, not wearing masks while next to others, and preparing food for others. I just do not understand the stupidity of people. Who is the stupider, the managers & owners for allowing this or the people actually working next to eachother without the worry of it? And do they not feel that customers like myself will still want to come back if they see an entire kitchen staff preparing our food mask free? I posted how yesterday another restaurant opened and set up a window/counter by their front door for people to order & that both people working is had no mask on either. I feel like I’m living in a brand new Twilight Zone episode where you see people smart enough to own & manage a NYC restaurant yet see ZERO need to wear a mask as protection for themselves & the customers they HOPE will come back. If you walked up to a restaurant to order food & saw the staff mask-less, would you order food from them?

    13. i am very impress with your updated blog. I enjoyed every little bit part of it. thinks a lot

    14. Jack says:

      How about Mokum ? I miss this place

    15. Eileen says:

      I ordered from Pappardelle yesterday for pick up, thanks to the West Side Rag article April 21, and I’m very happy! The portions are huge, delicious,a good value, and it was ready and waiting quickly. Mille grazie! Sauteed broccoli rabe,eggplant parm and fresh mozzarella log all amazing! And a bottle of house wine, why not!

    16. Micahel says:

      Buceo 95 remains a reliable and festive choice. Please check them out.

    17. JP says:

      just ordered delivery from angaar last night — back open for pick-up and delivery! the most delicious indian food, please give them a try!

    18. Tim says:

      Is Bin71 open for outdoor seating? Per the picture? That’d be amazing if so. When I hear about restaurants reopening, I think people are thinking they’re open for sit-down service. Perhaps more clarification should be made when people say a restaurant has “reopened”(or showing a restaurant with people sitting and receiving service). Just sayin’.

    19. Lauren says:

      Andy’s Deli on 80th and Columbus reopened!

    20. Eileen says:

      Orwasher’s bakery on Columbus is open for curbside pickup.
      And I bought from Giacomo on West 72nd and WEA,open at 730am, great baked goods.

    21. Tony Dimonte says:

      Don’t forget the restaurants that never closed and were there for you Through the thick of it. Those are the restaurants you should be grateful for and thank!

    22. Karen says:

      Yakitori Sun-Chan (Japanese food) is open 4:30 pm to 9pm for delivery or pick-up Broadway between 103 and 104 212 749 5008

    23. Anna says:


    24. kippervasser says:

      Late Monday afternoon, I walked past Alachi Masala, a delicious neighborhood Indian restaurant at 488 Amsterdam (83rd/84th), and a man standing just inside the open doorway said it’s hoping to reopen for takeout and delivery soon. Hope it happens.

    25. Beth Caron says:

      The Viand on 85th and Columbus has re-opened for pickup and delivery

    26. Janet Wasserman says:

      Also re-opened is EARTH CAFE on the North East corner of West 97th Street and Broadway – from 9 am to 4 PM. Their sign didn’t say “delivery” or “take out.” I don’t have their phone number.