Cuomo Tightens Restrictions On Movement, Forbids Home and Business Evictions for 3 Months

Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered all non-essential businesses closed as of 8 p.m. Saturday, and declared other new rules that essentially amount to “shelter-in-place” restrictions without those exact words. People can still leave their houses to exercise, and essential workers should still report to duty, but everyone else must limit trips to essential activity, and continue social distancing.

Groceries and pharmacies are some of the businesses that are still considered essential. Also essential: liquor stores!

Some of the important rules are spelled out below.

Click to enlarge.

Evictions will also be halted.

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    1. ben says:

      Good call on the liquor stores being essential!

    2. B.B. says:

      Most common eviction nowadays for residential is non-payment. By time this finally occurs typical tenant owes at least three months in back rent. To that number they are now getting three more months to live rent free. In short six months or longer of living someplace without paying rent. This is money a LL will never collect, not a thin dime.

      Understand motives behind this move, but sooner or later NYS and NYC need to realize punishing landlords is going to come back and bite someone on the behind.

      Notice neither city nor state are suspending tax payments when due. Though believe one or both are waiving late fees. So it is rather interesting they are telling private enterprises to forego their money, but are doing exact opposite themselves.

      • Acme says:

        Everyone’s taking a hit. Ppl who worked gigs w/o any paid time off lost 100% of their income through no fault of their own. If you’re arguing they should then be evicted you should apply for a Cabinet position w Trumo bc you’re well qualified.

    3. Freeman says:

      And here all the UWS was saying Trump was the authoritarian. Welcome to martial law, folks.

      • S.O.C (Save Our City) says:

        Martial Law ???
        We should be so lucky!
        Why has China (where Coronavirus began) been able to REDUCE NEW CASES TO ZERO?
        Because China is a totalitarian state whose citizens MUST comply with government rule.
        Yeah, not pleasant, but it worked!
        Also, China was able, in 10+ DAYS, to BUILD TWO thousand-bed hospitals.

        And here we have a president who:
        1. Refuses to declare this a National Emergency, thus NOT ordering the Army Corps of Engineers, the National Guard, etc. to build new hospitals;
        2. invokes “States Rights” rather than demanding all states follow nation-wide directives;
        3. STILL seems casual about this, saying:
        (a)there are treatments “in the works” (NOT TRUE!),
        (b)this will soon end (cf. Italy AND statements by Dr. Fauci, an expert on infectious diseases),
        (c)and even, this is another HOAX by the Democrats to ruin his chances for re-election!

    4. Ingrid says:

      Does anyone know about parking garages? Are they considered essential? Is street cleaning?

    5. Weird That Way says:

      Covid-19 doth make lushes of us all. Slainte!

    6. ann says:

      I was all prepared to order food in but to my surprise, at least three of the restaurants that I usually get from are closed.Hopefully, they and their staff are financially able to weather this, and, more important, are not sick.

    7. Candace says:

      Can a caregiver or nanny still come to your place to watch your young children and/or infants while you work from home? Basically, my question is whether childcare is considered an essential service and I’m wondering If anyone knows people who still have their kids’ nanny or babysitter still coming to their home.

    8. CityLove says:

      In Wuhan China they did serious disinfecting, fumigation and bleaching to help stop this virus. I keep seeing seeing the same video of the poor MTA worker wiping down the subway without a mask. Is this the only area they are cleaning? Does anyone smell bleach around town? Is anyone else concerned by this?
      When will the city, state or fed gov step up and start disinfecting our city NOW of this virus? Let’s not wait another two weeks to make another decision.

    9. B.B. says:

      New York as been declared a federal disaster area by WH.

    10. Hi says:

      What about laundromats?

    11. B.B. says:

      Full list of “essential” businesses allowed to remain open. However this is fluid and Albany says it is open to change.