Video: Police Officers Grab Man’s Legs after He Leaps Through Building Window on 86th Street

The officers involved.

Four police officers from the 24th precinct rescued a man who had leaped through the window of a building at 27 West 86th Street last Tuesday, grabbing his legs so he didn’t plunge to the ground. The officers — Eugene Choi, Abraham Morsi, Wiliam Bodner and Nelson Gomez — got a call at 9:16 p.m. about a suicidal 19-year-old man inside a bedroom in the building, police said. They were told he had a knife.

When the officers arrived, the man was standing near the window. After seeing them, he jumped through the window, but the officers grabbed his legs as he headed out and were able to pull him back in.

The man was taken to Metropolitan Hospital and was uninjured, police said.

The body cam video below shows some of what happened.

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    1. Sue says:

      Well done, gentlemen!! 👍

      ~~~waiting for negative comments about the NYPD in 3,2,1

      • NYC4ME says:

        Re: “waiting for negative comments about the NYPD in 3,2,1”
        Yup, me too. Surprised they haven’t already started.

        Want one more great thing about these fine young men? Look closely at their surnames and at their faces; both epitomize the goal of former “Commish” Ray Kelly…to make the NYPD reflect the incredible diversity of this world-class city!

      • EricaC says:

        Because they come in response to those who have done something wrong – not when they’ve done something right.

        There is nothing inconsistent about expressing admiration for the police when they adhere to their own standards and the standards of law, and criticizing them when they do not.

    2. UWSDrew says:

      No negative comments here. Great job!!!

    3. ST says:

      Well done. Am glad to see the 24th is becoming as good at PR as the 20th has long been. About time it got more recognition.

    4. Joey says:

      All in a day’s work!
      That’s what cops do!

    5. Christi says:

      Amazing! So glad you were able to respond so quickly and save a life! Thank you!

    6. Upperwestsideguy says:

      That’s what real Cops do and it rarely makes the press. Been there seen it as an EMT. Some stories are tragic some are just stupid funny, (not this one of course) and some you wouldn’t believe if I told you. Kudos , Well done indeed. So one for the home team this time. Awesome work indeed. No lets hope that person can learn that jumping is a long term solution to a short term problem and he and his loved ones get the help they need.

    7. herkey says:

      well done! keep up the good work guys!

    8. Janice says:

      Wow! I gotta say, I’m impressed.

      Great work, officers.

    9. SH says:

      Heroic 4! I’m proud of our UWS NYPD💞

    10. That was wonderful. Hopefully the young man can get help to live his life.

    11. Sally says:

      Bravo! What a wonderful act of mercy and courage.

    12. Clyde Frazier says:

      God bless the NYPD

    13. dc says:

      Thank you, Officers. And I hope the young man gets the help he needs.

    14. JDP says:

      Great job as always 24! Thank you for all of the great work that you do for the neighborhood.

    15. Marianne says:

      Tremendous gratitude to the police, a job well done! A young life has been saved and I hope the suicidal man will find life worth living again!