Pedestrian Hit By Taxi Driver on Broadway, Sustains Head Injury

A pedestrian walking across Broadway at 70th Street was hit by a taxi driver early on Saturday, and was taken to the hospital with a head injury, according to police.

On Saturday at 8:54 a.m., police responded to a pedestrian struck at the intersection of West 70th Street and Broadway. “Officers observed a male pedestrian in his 20s who suffered a contusion to his head and complained of pain to his hip,” NYPD told us. “EMS responded and transported the male in stable condition to St. Luke’s Hospital.”

“He got hit so hard that his sneakers popped off,” a witness told The Post. “They were lying on the street.”

No arrests have so far been made.

“A preliminary investigation revealed that the male was attempting to cross Broadway at West 70th Street when he was struck by a yellow Taxi whose operator remained at the scene. There are no arrests or summonses at this time, however, the investigation is ongoing.”

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    1. Pedestrian says:

      I don’t know what happened in this instance but I have seen cars shooting across red light very frequently recently. They don’t slow down and it’s not like they were caught between the yellow and the red either.

      They same for bicycles. They blow through red lights and just stare if you have the guts to speak up. Being a pedestrian in NYC is becoming more and more dangerous.

      • Sharon says:

        Being a pedestrian in any large city comes with risks. It’s not new. What is new is mobile phone distractions. Not blaming the pedestrian at all but everyone needs to pay attention when crossing the street and look both ways even if it is a one way street because some bike riders (mostly delivery guys) go the wrong way on bike lanes. I expect the driver was doing something he should not have been doing. Unfortunately, pedestrians need to anticipate that every driver is potentially dangerous.

    2. Deb says:

      Should we ban all taxis ?

    3. Ye Olde Englishe Teachere says:

      Re: “Pedestrian Hit By Taxi Driver….”

      Ummm…ack-shoo-ly, he was hit by the TAXI, no?

    4. stu says:

      I cannot comment on what happened, as I did not witness the incident. I can say, however, that a cyclist was just hit in that intersection a few days ago, and I have witnessed and experienced a number of near-accidents. That stretch of Broadway (70th-72nd) is harrowing, in part because cars are flying up Amsterdam, attempting to beat the light.

    5. Let's be consistent says:

      As this site loves to blame cyclists for all evil, let us agree that
      1) No taxis should be allowed
      2) No pedestrians should be allowed
      3) No cyclists should be allowed
      And we would hit Vision Zero
      Now seriously – I drive, bike and walk (and used to live in Boston where the drivers are worse). I look both ways even when I have a green / walk AND it is a one way street. I behave as a cyclist and driver (but jaywalk as a pedestrian with no phone and yell and stop other pedestrians who walk without phones and start jaywalking)

      Each one of these is different, but you can reduce your risk by looking and assuming people do stupid stuff. (or you can stop ordering delivery and taking taxis/ubers)